DR DIANE PREDDY. counselling psychologist. 0118038301/2

By: DR DIANE PREDDY  01-09-2011
Keywords: Life Coaching, Personal Coaching

I work as a counselling psycholgist in order to help people live happier and more fulfilled lives.
I am interested in the human condition and the power of the human mind.
No problem is too big or too small to warrant my assistance and interest, eg anxiety, depression, bereavement, lonliness, alienation and fear, to mention but a few of the common yet painful experiences that we all go through and might need help with.

I also specialize in relationship counselling, whether it be romantic, familial or work related.
Self-awareness and development are also considered noble goals of psychotherapy.

please call me to discuss your concern or to make a time on 0118038301.
Monday to Friday 8-4
My fees are below medical aid rates and hence the whole amount will be refunded to you by them subsequent to each session.

Keywords: Life Coaching, Personal Coaching