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Document Accounting Solutions, the sole distributor of Equitrac, the world leader and most trusted name in intelligent print management and cost recovery solutions, are proud to announce the launch of the most innovative print auditing, consumable management and meter collection software available.

Simplify Meter Collection: Web-Based Meter Collection:

Not every client will let you install data collection software on their network. That’s why we developed WebAudit, a patented technology that gathers meter readings over email or the web without any software required at the client’s site.

Get All the Meters: Non-Networked Device Meter Collection
One of the biggest frustrations in implementing a print management strategy is that up to 40% of printers are connected to local machines. Any comprehensive print management solution needs to address this issue. That’s why we developed a Local Data Collection Agent thatis pushed toPC’s to capture these meters.

Understand the Costs: Total Cost of Ownership
Selling managed print services contracts requires that you understand the Total Cost of Ownership. That’s why we developed a module that cross-references the printers with a database of printer supplies and their average costs to quickly create TCO scenarios.

Automate Supply Fulfillment: Supply Triggered Delivery
Our clients needed a way to automate delivery of supplies. However, not all machines are equally used. Some high volume printers need supplies shipped when the cartridge is at 40%. Other low volume printers may not need supplies shipped until the cartridge reaches 10%. That’s why we created our ASM module that lets you set the threshold for when to ship supplies to each printer, reducing your costs.

Communicate with Billing Systems: Two-Way ERP Synchronization
To fully automate meter collection and managed print services your system needs to communicate clearly with your ERP system. Other solutions offer one-way communication, only feeding meter information to your ERP. Our intimate knowledge of dealer ERP systems enabled us to develop two-way communication between FMAudit and popular ERP and service dispatch systems.

Continuous Innovation
These are just a few of our inventions. Best of all, we are still developing solutions to stay on the cutting edge. When you partner with FMAudit, you become a direct beneficiary of our innovation.

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