Multi Functional digital Mug Press

By: Dela Marketing  12-31-2010
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The All-In-One Mug Press is one of the popular machines. With digital and humanized functions, this new machine is almost a perfect machine for printing mugs. With the additional four mug heaters, including heaters for all round mugs from to , also the and latte shape mugs, you could make different sizes of mugs as you like. By using this machine, you could make personalized Cone-Shaped Mug and Normal Straight Mug at the same time, only by replacing different mug heater easily! It provides a new choice for you. Colorful mugs with your own pictures or photos can meet different needs of different occasions. It is not necessary to worry about changing the heaters. It is very easy to change by screwing off the screws, taking it off, installing another on, and tightening the screws. It is done!

Gross Weight:

Packing: Carton Packing

Packing Measure: 455cmX X
Heater sizes

1* φ7.5-φ fits for / /water bottles/beer stein mugs and etc
1* φ5-φ fits for mini mugs /
1* φ8.8*H fits for Latte Mug (cone-shaped)
1*φ9*H fits for Latte Mug (cone-shaped)

Warning of using the mug heat press

1.When you use this machine, please check whether the voltage is conformed to the electrified wire voltage.

2.When changing a different mug wrap, do close the machine and pull out the power plug. When the heat transfer is still in high temperature, please wear heat insulation gloves.

3.Avoid the mug wrap to burn itself for a long time. If you don’t cut the electricity off, put a similar heat transfer is all right (Such as a spoiled product which can be used repeatedly). Pay attention: don’t let the keen part of the heat transfer cause losses to all the heat parts.

4.When using the machine, don’t touch the heating part, prevent from being burnt.

5.In the process of using, don’t touch the pressure spring, avoiding the possible damage.

6.Press the handle, if the pressure is too big, please adjust the lift wheel. Make the head of machine higher to reduce the spring’s compressibility, otherwise, it may damage the machinery strength.

7.When you make the head of machine up and down, you have to wrench the head key. Besides, you will feel the resistance, when it is down to its maximum, then it is ok now.

8.While locking the machine head, the key shouldn’t be too tight. Feeling obvious resistant is ok.

9.The temperature is” Fahrenheit

10.Don’t let the minors get close to the machine without guiding, even the machine is off.

1.Clean the mug surface with tissue paper Cut the image as per your design printing size(L≤ H≤)Use dryer to dry the image if the photo paper is just printed with ink or you can lay the photo paper to dry itself naturally.

2.Wrap the mug with the cut image-maker the image in the central and make it symmetrical both sides Stick the paper with thermal tape.

3put the mug in the center of the mug press machine horizontally, with the mug handle upwards (also you can put it not in center as you like);

4Adjust the pressure bar for printing mugs, not too tight, or too lax;
Turn on the current, turn on the switch;

6.Setting Temperature:

1) Setting Temperature, you should set between the initiative lowest temperature and the highest temperature .

A:Set initiative lowest temperature

Press the ‘Mode’ in the area directly over the mug press first time, the setting indicator light turns red, Press”+” or “-“ to raise or lower the temperature, make sure it is 230 (230 Fahrenheit), the initiative lowest temperature,

B: Set the highest temperature

Press the ‘Mode’ second time, the temperature indicator light will turn red, Press”+” or “-“ to raise or lower, setting the temperature around ;

2)Setting time, 

Press the ‘Mode’ third time, the time indicator light will turn red, Press”+” or “-“ to raise or lower to adjust time around 45seconds;

3)Setting is finished, Press the ‘Mode’ forth time to confirm the setting program;

4)Press the last button-“PLAY”; the printing process will start.

5)After a while, the machine will alarms automatically when it finished, take out the mug from the mug press

6)If all goes well, just peal the paper off the mug,(If you want to cold the mug quickly, you can put it in cold water, but please make sure the whole mug is in the water at same time. if you just put part of it into cold water, maybe it will be broken)

7)Then you can see a photo mug is well done by yourself!

8)If you want to make another one, Just turn on the mug machine, needn’t adjust the time and temperature again, but adjust the pressure, make sure it is the same as the first one. Then press the PLAY key, the Setting Indicator Light will turn red, start to print.

Special notes:

1.Please don't work without placing any mugs in the machine.

2.Please don't operate the machine over time. Please turn off for several                                             minutes to let machine cold after an hour of working.

Keywords: Heat Press Machines