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By: Clearspace  12-16-2008
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In September I presented a Quantum-Touch Live Basic Workshop with only 2 participants. This is not ideal, because each participant needs to practice on various people with various conditions. We also needed to do group work and 2 is scarcely a group! So a good friend (thanks Yvonne!) suggested I invite people to experience short (20-30 minute) Quantum-Touch sessions in this workshop environment. I received an overwhelming response to these little advertisements in Yvonne’s weekly Newsletter. (www.spiritualworld.co.za)
The workshop was presented over 4 Saturday afternoons, and we could accommodate 2 people for short sessions in 2 of those. Sharon (not her real name) really stands out as an example of what a simple 30 minute session can do.
Each guest filled in an intake form before and after the session, so that we could gauge any progress. Sharon arrived saying she feels restless and emotional (7 out of 10), and her left calf is painful when she exercises (also 7 out of 10). She received about 30 minutes of Quantum-Touch in total. Jane (one of the workshop participants, who is a physiotherapist) noticed that Sharon's posture looks unbalanced – her body was turned slightly to one side, and her hip bones were not even. About half the session was spent on running energy into her hips, spine and occipital ridge. Her calf received another few minutes as well as her tummy that was feeling irritable.
Straight after the session, she wrote “
I felt wonderful and happy. The restlessness is gone and I feel anything is possible now. And I never knew why I wasn’t able to stand comfortably – now I feel balanced”. You see, Sharon had regularly noticed that she had to lean on something, or stand with one leg bent a little – she could never stand upright comfortably. But she never knew that her structure and hip alignment were unbalanced.
I emailed her almost 3 weeks later, and her words were:
“Remember the happy feeling I had? It continued for about 5 days. And now I do not stress as much – it’s like my heart is cushioned. I understand now how one can detach and observe any situation. I can handle life better.Also now my posture is stable.(My right hipbone was higher previously). Now I can stand well. I always had to bend a knee or lean on something to balance. And I never noticed all this. It has improved my confidence. I am practicing always being straight when I walk or sit with my chakras in alignment. And this is the best! I actually didn't think about it until you asked for feedback. I always had muscle pain in my left calf each time I exercised (gym 5 days a week).The first time I exercised it was there butgreatly reduced - but now I realise that it’s been 2 weeks and I haven't felt it!!!!!!” So dear friends – Sharon’s beautiful story is a reminder that little miracles are possible. Quantum-Touch (r) is a gentle, loving way to support the body to get back into balance, in its own good time. We teach that no-one can heal you, you heal yourself! Your body is innately intelligent and has a blueprint of health that can be accessed. Sometimes it needs support to get back into balance – and that’s where Quantum-Touch (r) can be a marvelous aid. The beauty is that anyone can learn. Find a workshop on the QT website, register for the next Live Basic Workshop on 21 and 22 February 2009, or email me for more dates.Expect Miracles!

Keywords: Quantum-Touch

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