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By: Cadex  11-11-2011
Keywords: Steel, Engineers, Construction Management

Fragmented, inaccurate or delayed information leads to problems with the delivery process and with project cost.

Tekla Structures BIM (Building Information Modelling) software provides an accurate, detailed, and data rich 3D environment that can be shared by structural engineers, main contractors, concrete rebar detailers, steel detailers, steel fabricators and clients - offering the best efficiency for the individual organizations, the project team and the client at every level.

Tekla Structures configurations suit different stages, or all stages of the project.

At every stage the detailed models enable the highest level of constructability and production control. The centralized 3D model allows for more collaborative and integrated design, detailing, project management and delivery.

Tekla was BIM before BIM was invented..

Tekla Structures helps main-contractors (general contractors) manage the risk of unforeseen costs and the loss of time during the project delivery stage.

Key data from design, fabrication, manufacture, supply, cost, installation - the key data needed for project delivery - can be embedded in the Tekla BIM model. This allows the project to be managed proactively using an intelligent visual system.

Tekla takes the pain out of changes, change management and tracking.

Where required Tekla Structures interfaces with other leading construction management and design software to provide a comprehensive information management platform from small simple projects all the way through to very large complex projects.

Tekla Structures models can be used to collaborate with other professionals and members of the project and client team at all levels - using the tools that each are accustomed to using.

The Tekla Structures Open BIM model integrates and interfaces with a wide range of software used by engineers as well as with several analysis & design and architectural software packages.

Tekla Structures enables engineers to deliver first class projects from simple small routine structures through to large complex integrated projects - in all structural materials especially concrete and steel.

Tekla Structures Precast is the most efficient way to deliver precast concrete elements at the right time to the right place by integrating the design and detailing with the manufacturing and project management. Enabling error-free detailing and easy change management and tracking. Tekla interfaces with production management and machinery automation software.

CAst-In-Place concrete is especially prone to changes. Tekla Structures allows engineers, concrete detailers and the main contractor efficiently manage changes.

The Tekla model enables the more efficient management of casting volumes, formwork utilization, bar scheduling information directly from the model. Construction management systems and even reinforcing bar production machinery is integrated.

Tekla Structures is the most advanced and integrated way to to manage the shop-detailing, fabrication and erection of all steel structures.

Tekla Structures is a model based system that reduces errors, increases productivity, provides a higher level of automation of fabrication and project management by interfacing with MIS (Management Information Systems) and with CNC machinery.

No other tool on the market supports information management throughout the process creating new business opportunities.

Tekla Structures increases user's potential on all steel structures from commercial and industrial buildings, mining and industrial plants and structures, sports stadiums, offshore platforms and jackets, pre-engineered buildings and miscellaneous steelwork.

Other configurations and tools:-

Viewer, Project Manager, Drafter and more..

Automation tools at all levels.. automated connections, rebar, drawings, lists, reports, schedules, wizards, macros, user-defined macros,..

Tekla's Open API. An effective tool for more advanced users to automate and extend Tekla Structures using powerful .NET tools..

Interoperability tools.

Keywords: Construction Management, Detailers, Engineers, Steel

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