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By: 8thsense  11-11-2011
Keywords: Genetic Testing, Disease Prevention

There are two types of genetic testing techniques: Predictive and Preventive.

Predictive Genetic Testing

  • Used to detect mutations associated with disorders that appear after birth, often later in life
  • Identify mutations that could increase a person's risk of developing disorders based on their genetic makeup, such as certain types of cancer

Preventive Genetic Testing

  • Used to identify certain gene mutations (single nucleotide polymorphism or SNPs) which are expressed in an unfavourable lifestyle environment
  • SNP intervention is used to successfully treat gene mutation with lifestyle changes, proper nutrition and vitamin and mineral supplementation
  • Modern genomics is based on personalised prevention. Although usually used to stop the development of age related degenerative diseases, disease prevention is recommended for young and old, and it is never too early to start

Dr. Sly Nedic (board certified by WOSAAM), uses a holistic approach in preventing age related degenerative diseases, where genetic testing plays a crucial role. By testing your gene, we know what to change in your environment and diet to prevent you from age related & detrimental disease. We call it personalized prevention.

Genetic tests Available:

  • Sporadic BREAST cancer & COLON cancer
  • Risk assessment PROSTATE cancer
  • Risk assessment for HEART ATTACK
  • Risk assessment for Female HORMONE replacement  
  • Risk assessment for OSTEOPOROSIS
  • ANDROGENIC ALOPECIA (male hair loss)
  • SKIN health & DENTAL health (periodontitis)
  • NICOTINE addiction gene
  • WELL-BEING test (Testing 90 genes including Neurotransmiters, Inflammations mediators, Stress genes, Coagulation, Anabolism & Catabolism, etc.)
  • CROHN’S  disease
  • AUTISM gene

Keywords: Disease Prevention, Genetic Testing

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