Air Conditioning, sales, service, repairs, server rooms, layout and design, Green technology aircons

Air Conditioning, sales, service, repairs, server rooms, layout and design, Green technology aircons from AIR CONDITIONING SERVICES

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Air Conditioning Services strive for uniqueness in the industry. We do not focus on how much money we can make, but how we can develop honest, open communication channels with our customers. We pride ourselves in doing a proper service and not merely washing filters and gassing air-conditioners. We guarantee all our workmanship.

While most companies will tell you that the object of a business is to make money, we strongly disagree, the object of a business is to attract and retain customers, and in this way the rewards of running that business will be achieved.

Yvette Thompson is responsible for managing your account. Yvette will be very hands on and will be making regular visits to our customers in order to evaluate the levels of service and to deal with any complaints or concerns on behalf of Air Conditioning Services.

We offer the full range of HVAC (heating, ventilation & air conditioning) solutions including the following:
1.             Installation, sales, service and repair
2.             Supply the full range of air conditioning units
3.             Design and implementation
4.             Extraction and ventilation  

Design in AutoCAD is preferred as this allows us to superimpose the system design to existing architects plans. We are also able to design according to pdf’s, but this does have some disadvantages when compared to the AutoCAD route.  

 We will undertake projects up to a value of R5 million in conjunction with our partners Corporate Technical Services.
Our preferred brand is LG. This approach allows us to hold more sway with the supplier and therefore often gives us better pricing leverage than if we simply supplied from any manufacturer.   There is also a secondary reason for this that being that the LG business model, along with their parts support is far better than the industry norm. This translates into a happier customer who is the end receiver should there be any repairs to be carried out. 

When undertaking a service contract with a new customer, we highly recommend that this start with a major service. This allows us to complete an “audit” of your existing system along with make, model, type, serial numbers (where possible) and notes of any observations we have made during the course of our duties. This will also be forwarded to you for your records.   We pride ourselves in raising service levels that are severely lacking in this industry, we believe that our better service levels will lead us to become the most successful air conditioning company in the industry, this based on satisfied customers rather than bottom line and size.

Keywords: Airconditioning

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LG manufacture a large range of air conditioning systems from residential, to commercial and industrial. LG is known for their superb