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By: A-Plan-B  03-25-2015
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What are the pros and cons of outsourcing technical, project, business documentation. What are the advantages and what are the disadvantages when software documentation such as user manuals, online help files, screencasts, demos, or tutorials and/or Business documentation like Business Plans, Alternative Analysis, Continuity Plans, System Security Plans, Presentations etc. are created by an external experienced consultant? If you choose A-Plan-B, the following advantages will often outweigh the disadvantages: ▪Quality A lot of start-up and small- to mid-sized companies don’t have their own documentation department. Documentation is written by developers, by support staff, by product managers, by marketing professionals, by project managers and general office staff. However, in most cases, these people don’t have much training and experience in writing user manuals and help files. Also, many of them don’t like writing user manuals at all. An external documentation service provider is a specialist in this field and can produce better quality in less time. ▪Reduced time to market Typically, with every new product and with every major new product release, documentation departments face a tremendous workload and often deadlines need to be extended. Thus, using external documentation services can increase your flexibility and reduce time to market. ▪Workload relief – time to perform more urgent and important tasks Often, developers, product managers, or marketing professionals are expected to produce technical documentation or online help in addition to their usual work. This drains valuable human resources. Outsourcing documentation gives people back the time to focus on their core tasks. ▪Special expertise No one can be an expert in every field. Tasks that require special skills can be performed much more efficiently by a specialised service provider, in this case A-Plan-B. ▪New ideas, unbiased perspective – see your business from a holistic point of view. The more you become involved in a project and/or task, the more difficult it becomes to critically reflect on things and to work out ideas for improvement. For an outsider, this is much easier.

Keywords: business plan

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