Treatment and Sales of Ozone Saunas and Ozone Air and Water purifiers

By: Ozone Detox Clinic (Deon Gresse)  07-13-2010
Keywords: Ozone Treatment, Detox Clinic

For a healthy body and mind you need sufficient Oxygen to digest food, to burn glucose for muscle functions,to enable cells to regenerate, to produce sufficient Stemcells, Red blood cells, White blood cells and platelets and to Detox the body. To summarise Oxygen is Life. Due to air pollution, insufficient plants/trees the average Oxygen percentage in South Africa is between 8 and 22 percent only, instead of 40 percent. The body is deprived of Oxygen. The only safe and affordable method of enriching the body with Oxygen is by getting into a Ozone Sauna for a 30 minute period whereby Ozone and steam is introduced into the sauna. The body is enriched with Oxygen and the body is Detoxed. Major results has been achieved in the improvement in health.

Keywords: Detox Clinic, Ozone Treatment,

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