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By: Osmocote  11-11-2011
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(12+11+17+2MgO+TE) — NPK + trace elements for 6 weeks.

For the first time ever; a controlled release fertilizer for as short as 6 weeks!

The refined coating enables an uniform and controlled supply of nutrients to plants (low EC), even during shorter growing periods. Osmocote Start is virtually free from leaching and thus works as efficiently as conventional fertilizers in up to 50% lower doses.

Moreover, using Osmocote Start, sufficient nutrition can be combined with a low salt content, creating optimum conditions for good root development. Osmocote Start offers a good fertilizer program for annual plants with a short growth cycle, such as violets, primulas, impatiens and marigolds.

However, Osmocote Start is also very well suited to more salt-sensitive vegetable crops and cuttings that are more difficult to root. In contrast with traditional fertilizers, Osmocote Start avoids the risks of an excessive salt level; your crops always get the right nutrients.

The high potassium level of Osmocote Start ensures compact and even growth. Osmocote Start can be mixed and application over the crops is possible as long as you ensure that no granules remain on the leaves.

Osmocote Start is available in 25kg bags.

What makes Osmocote Start unique?

Fine granule for small containers. Short controlled longevity. Very low EC for sensitive young roots.

Keywords: Fertilizer, Fertilizer Supply, Release Fertilizer, Wholesale Nurseries,