Medizone Air Purifier

Medizone Air Purifier from Medizone Flora

By: Medizone Flora  01-02-2010
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It neutralizes odours and volatile organic compounds by breaking the chemical bounds through oxidization. It is used for sanitizing, deodorising and making areas hygienic. This unit is available in 2 different strenghts - 100mg for homes and office use, and 250mg for larger areas, i.e. restaurants, etc.

• Completely deodorizes a room in as little as 15 – 25 mins
• Generates fresh rooms
• Eliminates the cost of chemical air fresheners
• Sterilizes the room by killing all bacteria and viruses
• Sterilizes mattresses by killing dust mites

Can be used for:
• Homes and offices
• Commercially in hotels, restaurants and hospitals
• Fire and flood restoration
• Eliminating moulds and mildew
• Eliminating paint fumes and chemicals

Keywords: Clean, health, Health Care, hygiene, lifestyle, Ozone, products