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By: Corius Health & Healing  06-20-2011
Keywords: Feng Shui, Feng Shui Consultation

Professionally, I practice traditional Form School Feng Shui and the Black Hat Tantric Buddhist School of Feng Shui introduced to the West by Professor Lin Yun. Black Hat Feng Shui emerged before 1,200 AD as Feng Shui from China blended with Tibetan Buddhism. Using Western concepts such as physiology and psychology, Black Hat Feng Shui incorporates traditional directional methods into a system of reading energy with the Bagua, an energy map that can be easily aligned to the front door of a house or room, regardless of its direction. It does not rely on complicated astrological calculations and uses practicality and common sense in placing Feng Shui remedies or cures, requiring your involvement, intention and judgement.

Today’s environment is very different from the one in which our ancestors lived. Accordingly, this approach accounts for the alteration of natural energy flow and electromagnetic waves caused by modern skyscrapers, metal construction materials and electrical devices, working well in both urban and rural environments.

My comprehensive and intensive, core consultation for homes and home-offices is perfectly tailored to your needs, providing you with all the necessary core Feng Shui information to immediately start bringing harmony, comfort and balance to your space and life.

Supporting your Feng Shui goals

After the core assessment of your space, you may require additional or follow-up consultations. These consultations are structured to assist you in implementing your Feng Shui scheme and may include any of the following:

    ◦    Complex problem assessment and resolution
    ◦    Feng Shui cure implementation
    ◦    Clutter clearing of excessive or problematic clutter
    ◦    Space clearing and blessing
    ◦    Approval or selection of décor and furniture
    ◦    Colour scheme development
    ◦    Consultation with your Architect or Interior Designer

Keywords: Feng Shui, Feng Shui Consultation

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