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By: Compair  11-11-2011

Introducing the revolutionary new generation Pneumatic Rockdrill from CompAir South Africa

The new BORA pneumatic underground rockdrill from CompAir is a massive revolutionary step forward in both design and performance. Not only is it generally the best performing on the market, but it is now the lightest and easily the quietest.

At 103dB, the BORA exceeds all regulations by utilising a completely new ‘Encapsulation Muffler’ (patent pending), which can also be retro-fitted to our old drilling systems with a minimum of cost.

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Using its ISO9000 quality standard as the starting point, CompAir has further refined and streamlined its world class production facilities by investing significantly in lean manufacturing and Six Sigma quality processes. CompAir designs compressed air systems using many differing technologies, including reciprocating, rotary screw, centrifugal, rotary vane and portable compressed air systems.