Cell Phone forensics

By: Clandestine Investigator  10-17-2012
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Description of Cell Phone forensics:

The SIM card has a special file where the SMS messages are stored. The file has several "slots" in it and each holds a message. The number of slots is finite and the capacity varies between SIM cards depending on the model. When all the slots are filled, you have to delete an old SMS before you can save a new one. 

The structure of one such slot is made of several fields; for example, the phone number of the sender, the date and time the SMS was received, the text of the message itself, etc. There are other fields which are not shown. One of them is the state of the current slot, which can be either "empty" or "in use". 

Many new phones store the SMS in their own memory rather than on the SIM card. In that case, the solution described here does not apply as each phone manufacturer has its own way. There are cases in which the phone will use its own memory for SMS storage, and when it gets full – the new SMS will be stored on the SIM card. There is no certain way of telling how a phone behaves, so you should study your phone's habits and see for yourself.

The scientific examination, and evaluation of evidences found in Mobile Phone, e.g. Call History, Deleted SMS etc., also include SIM Card Forensics

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