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AutoGlaze: Paint Protection for Cars, Trucks, Boats, SUVs, and Aeroplanes.

A little about us ...
Auto Glaze was founded in 2006 out of a passion for Auto Detailing and Auto Glazing. Auto Glaze has become South Africa's premier provider of professional auto detailing products and services.
Our team of proffessional detailers work on everything from run of the mill production cars, to exotic collector's pieces.
Our VIP AUTO-DETAIL SERVICE, provides a distinguished service to the most discerning client who demands only the best. This is the ultimate treatment for VIP's and discerning clients. We recommend owners of Bently's, Ferrari's and Lamborghini's call us for a detailed summary of our VIP services.

What is an AutoGlaze?

It is the ultimate in vehicle paint protection, a shine no retail product can accomplish and complrises of the following:
Stage 1: Is a PRO PREP chemical application which polishes out unwanted contaminants and fine scratches. De-oxidation takes place ensuring a clean surface to work on.
Stage 2: Chemical HI-LITES and SEALANTS are polished in using twin orbital polishers.
Stage 3: Is the application of an industrial CHEMICAL GLAZE, the final step in accomplishing a showroom and mirror like finish.
Additional stages are recommended for show cars and motor enthusiasts. Auto Glaze's take between 1 to 3 hours to complete, the perfect make-over for any car.

What is an Auto Detail?

It is simply a term for the meticulous pursuit of restoring and maintaining a vehicles appearance. An Auto Detail includes a full 5 stage Auto Glaze. Detailing should not be confused with valets and car washes, the processes and final results are worlds apart. Whilst most valets and car washes are intended to provide a quick clean car, a professional detail is a premier service perfecting everything from top to bottom, inside-out.

Auto Glaze is a registered auto detailing services provider, utilising trade US products under licence and import. All products are branded for SA markets and are currently in use on the entire presidential fleet in the USA. These US products were originally developed by NASA and made available to the motoring trade for the last 55 years, ensuring only the best equipment and products.

Looking to recreate the results found in our portfolio?
Contact us for a detailed product list, all tried, tested and guaranteed to take your car care routine to the next level. With the right products and tools in hand, you have taken the first step to achieving a flawless finish.

All AUTO GLAZES includes free mag and tyre detailing
These are just a few of our pricing estimates, should you require GLAZE BRIGHT applications and additional stages, please feel free to speak to your AUTO GLAZE team. Additional stages are recommended for show cars and motor enthusiasts.
Simply book and we'll be at your place, from JHB to PRETORIA, WE COVER MOST AREAS.

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Let's face it. The cost of acquiring transportation is not cheap. Whether you are investing in a new set of wheels, something for the water, or your own aircraft, it will be a BIG number.

Most automotive paints now are water-based. A good idea for the environment but not a good idea for Paint Surface Protection.

Environmental elements play havoc on the surface whether it be painted, clear coat, or gel coat. From the sun's damaging UV rays, to acid rain, to salt spray, to a bird taking target practice - the integrity of your paint finish is constantly challenged.

Doesn't it make sense to try to protect your investment and give your paint finish a fighting chance.

Car wax and car polish have little penetrating ability. Car wax is just that - wax. Beads water well, but has little staying power. Wax can burn off in hot sun and bleed off at high driving speeds.

Car polishes are typically either wax based or water based silicone emulsions. Repeated washings shorten the life of the application. Car polish is shortest lived in the summertime when you need Paint Protection the most.

Why not protect the paint finish with a Professional Paint Sealant developed just for that purpose - Auto Glaze.

Enjoy the same surface protection and care for your Car, Boat, Aircraft, and SUV that many major airlines, professional detailers, boat & yacht owners have been using for years.
Auto Glaze: Explained in detail ...
Auto Glaze is not a car wax, car polish nor silicone but rather a Professional Car Care Sealant that Penetrates the paint finish and Bonds with the finish, enhancing the paint luster, adding depth to the paint color while providing maximum protection to the paint surface of any vehicle, boat or plane.

Auto Glaze is a fluoro-polymer based paint sealant with powerful additives that allow it to bond and become part of the paint surface. The multiple molecular properties provide maximum protection by "sealing" the pigmented top coats and clear coats of paint with an "AG 103 chemical glaze application" and at the same time provide a deep, long lasting shine.

Auto Glaze has been tested in the most stringent environment — The Aerospace Industry in the USA. It meets and exceeds those expectations with approvals from major companies.Easily applied to any painted, clear coat or gel coat surface, Auto Glaze's applications becomes part of the paint finish through a Special Bonding Process. This process creates a protective coating that can be added to and built upon through applications over time. Auto Glaze leaves no residue when applied so there is never any white or powdery residue.
Auto Glaze outperforms polishes and waxes ...
Auto Glaze is neither a wax, polish nor silicone. It is a protective coating that actually bonds to a painted or fiberglass surface. A wax is just that, a wax. Waxes have little "staying power" can burn off in hot sun; tend to bleed off at high speed driving, and when you re-wax the original remainder is rubbed off or blends in without offering any increased protection by multi-coating.

Polishes are either wax based or water based silicone emulsions. The latter are self sacrificing and disappear quickly with repeated washing, driving in rain and the rate at which they dissolve, degenerate and disappear is heightened by increasing your maintenance schedule, usage, or by the season. They are shortest lived in summertime, when you need them most.
Auto Glaze provides an improvable film. Unlike wax or polish, which only brings you back to having "a new coat of the same material" Auto Glaze will build upon itself. A double application (with the second one made after the first one sets up) will yield a double thickness and twice the protection. While it may not be necessary, you can double the protective layer, which you can not do with wax or polish.

Waxes are extremely soft and impart little protection (other than their short-lived ability to bead water) to a painted or fiberglass surface. Auto Glaze is extremely hard (literally becoming part of the painted substrate), yet "gives" with the movement of sheet metal or fiberglass.
Auto Glaze protects the surface from bird droppings, acid rain, and other industrial pollutants. When you wash your vehicle regularly, these stains and pollutants will come off with ease leaving a like new, showroom appearance!

Auto Glaze is simple and fast to apply. There is virtually no rubbing involved. Like a wax or polish, though, you will be "enhancing" the surface that you start with. No combination product or so-called "cleaner wax" can do what Auto Glaze does.

Wax leaves a residue when applied. Auto Glaze does not. This residue often requires a great deal of buffing which may even require a mechanical buffer (especially) in hot or very dry weather. Simply wiping the surface with a damp towel after an application of Auto Glaze is sufficient to make sure no streaks remain and there is never any white or powdery residue.
Waxes and polishes have little penetrating ability, while Auto Glaze actually flows into and bonds with the surface to give a lasting protective coating that in many cases will continue to offer it's protective value for a full year or more.
Auto Glaze Testomonials ...
"I have waxed a lot of planes and cars over the years and nothing can compare to Auto Glaze. It is a simple process with fantastic results. I can't thank you enough and will be purchasing more Auto Glaze products for my aircraft and cars."

By Astonished
"I have used the Auto Glaze DIY products on my H3 and found that everything that I had read about the product was true. It really did make a huge difference in the shine. I did not have to rub very hard with their AG101 - Glaze Bright application. It has been on my suv for about seven months and is still looking beautiful. One great test was bird droppings on the hood of the vehicle. It just wiped off, not like the other waxes that you get in the auto stores where you have to be very careful not to scratch the paint."
By Totally Glazed
The real test came when I used the Auto Glaze range of products on my parents Ford Cortina. The depth of color really came out. Almost making it look like it did when they first purchase the car. I am very happy with this product and would recommend this to everyone who wants their vehicle to have that showroom look. Besides, this product DOES NOT need elbow grease. Very, Very, Very, easy to put on. Also, the speed at which I completed the car was fast, very fast. I have no idea why, but I think it is because it was designed that way.

By Mr Meticulous
Questions you should be asking yourself before buying a wax polish ...
What can I do to be sure that I get the most for my money when I wax or polish my car?

The best car wax you can buy will have a portion of the wax made from Carnauba a very expensive by-product of a Brazilian plant (Carnauba is an additive used in some percentage) that lends a degree of longevity to an automotive wax.

Unfortunately, even though the addition of Carnauba extends the life of the wax-job, it is still extremely short lived by comparison to Auto Glaze. Hot sunny days in our summer climate can burn off a new wax job in less than a week or two. Auto Glaze will cost a little more than a typical automotive wax, but will last and last. Computing the cost per/month of coverage and protection from both will make Auto Glaze come out at a fraction of the cost of wax, and a tiny fraction of the work of multiple waxing to achieve similar results.

Does the colour of my car make a difference in what I use to protect and enhance my paint?

You bet it does! If you have a black or other dark paint job the surface temperature of your vehicle will skyrocket on a hot, cloudless day. In mid-summer, you can fry an egg on your hood, trunk or car's roof. This dramatic increase in temperature will greatly affect the longevity of wax's effectiveness. Simply stated, wax burns off!

Auto Glaze will not burn off. In the roughest Climatic conditions the paint on your vehicle will face, such as constant sunshine and a salt water environment, you can expect six months or more of optimum protection with Auto Glaze instead of two, three or (maybe even) six weeks of protection from the best waxes. In cooler climates without salt laden air and less intense sunshine, the protection from Auto Glaze stretches to a full year or more. Dark colors have no effect on the length of time Auto Glaze will last and it provides the ultimate in protection against fading and oxidation.

Does a fresh waxing provide any help in protecting my paint from dust storms or road dirt?

Hardly a bit! Wax is just too soft to provide even the slightest amount of protection from a mid-summer dust storm or a highly polluted area such as those found near heavy-industry or a dry dusty environment. Some areas, particularly in the southwest are particularly vulnerable to this kind of weathering abuse.

All wax is extremely soft (though some are less soft than others), while Auto Glaze's extremely hard coating greatly reduces the amount of paint damage and degradation caused by hard pollutants in the air such as dust, dirt and sand. The few microns of Auto Glaze that cover your paint, though crystal clear, imparts a surface so hard that the vast majority of all degradation caused by air-borne pollutants and particulates can be avoided.

Will the wax I buy make it easier to keep my car clean?

Not at all In fact - just the opposite is true. Many people think of the beading effect on water that wax imparts as a positive factor in keeping your car clean and easy to wash. Wax actually creates surface tension to water when it's applied. That is the whole reason why water beads and sticks to it. When not immediately and thoroughly dried off the water leaves whatever contaminants it contained on the paint, or even if perfectly pure, it will grab and hold any pollutant or particulate that comes in contact with it prior to drying!

Auto Glaze, on the other hand, eliminates surface tension and water will run off of it rather than bead up and stick to it. This difference is what accounts for why a vehicle, boat or airplane treated with Auto Glaze is so easy to clean and maintain.

And the number one thing to ask yourself before you buy your next can or bottle of wax to spiff up a car or bakkie is Just how much work am I getting myself i

Remember: first and foremost, the positive affects a wax or polish job can be extremely short lived! Waxing in hot summer conditions has an extremely short useful life span. Even if the application was just as easy to do with wax as with Auto Glaze (and it's not) you'd have to continue to duplicate the process at least ten to twenty more times to have anything near the same continuous amount of protection!

All things being equal, Auto Glaze is considerably easier to apply than any wax or polish. Because Auto Glaze has roughly the same viscosity as tap water, there is none of the rubbing and going over again and again that is normal for a wax application. We recommend using a palm size microfiber pad to apply Auto Glaze so as not to pick up anything than can impart nearly imperceptible scratches into the paint from surface contamination. These are the scratches or swirl marks that are so often visible in black and other very dark painted vehicles.

In addition, once applied, there is far less buffing needed which is the real culprit in work-overload that is attached to waxing! Auto Glaze does call for a final buff to insure that no streaking will occur, but this is a far cry from what it takes to remove excess wax or polish and get the dry wax film off to be able to see the paint underneath. With Auto Glaze, lifes more easy.
Get an Auto Glaze Paint Protection today

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