WaggleImage Pricing

By: Wagglesoft  11-11-2011

WaggleImage is available from our online store.The trial version can be updated to the licensed version by adding the license key.


All WaggleSoft products include Software Assurance for 12 months.

All users with products that are covered by Software Assurance are entitled receive all major and minor updates for that product. 12 month extensions to Software Assurance are available and are priced at between 25% and 30% of the new product prices.

Other benefits of ordering:

  • Delivery within 24 hours

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Document Category Terminology

Properties can be shared between two document categories as this allows multiple categories to be searched simultaneously (Only available in the WaggleDMS). It does not help to put all of ones documents into a single drawer, mixing contracts, invoices and other miscellaneous documents together. A user would create a document category for each of the different types of documents that they would like to store.