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By: Time  11-11-2011

Rostering/Scheduling for the Enterprise

  • Collect detailed employee preferences
  • Incorporate hundreds of working rules and regulations
  • Easily define and update high-level organisational objectives
  • A powerful shift planning engine that finds the optimal balance between contradicting organisational goals
  • A powerful mechanism for rule relaxation to further enhance the quality of shift plans
  • Manage employee leave and absences
  • Schedule duties, activities, and other tasks to be completed within the hours of the shift
  • Powerful presentation tools that estimate the shift planning quality, identify problems, and help understand underlying reasons
  • Multilingual support
  • Optimal demand coverage at minimal cost
  • Automation of one of an organisation's most painful activities
  • Increased employee satisfaction within the bounds of working rules and regulations
  • Continuity of planning decisions across the organisation
  • Improved shift schedules

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