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By: Time  11-11-2011

  • Ensure that the effects of sales promotions, new product announcements, strategic organisational decisions, and other business events are reflected in the resulting forecast
  • Provide a mechanism for forecasters to communicate forecast assumptions across the organisation, explaining them, and receiving feedback on them from relevant parties involved
  • Build and maintain business knowledge about the impacts of various business events on the expected demand

As a result, forecasts become increasingly accurate.


  • Automatic demand forecasting for any combination of territories and job types
  • Historical analysis to identify and record unusual "peaks and valleys" for later use
  • Ability to manage what-if scenarios
  • Ability to manipulate forecasts to take into account specific business events
  • Dedicated algorithms for the service industry
  • Support for all forecasting levels, from the high-level overview to the very detailed
  • Graphical presentation of history and forecast
  • Ability to forecast any factor
  • Multilingual support


  • Reliable forecasting leads to more effective resource capacity planning, which ultimately leads to more efficient scheduling
  • Repository for forecast-related information from across many business units
  • Build and maintain business knowledge regarding the impact of various business events on field service demand
  • Control cost and manage budgets more accurately
  • Ability to accurately recruit the right number of people
  • Ability to make investment decisions on when to use contractors

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