Affordable Human Resource Management Service

By: Gente  11-11-2011

To affect these outcomes Gente provides the following services:

To gain an overall understanding of the labour situation in a prospective clients business Gente undertakes an initial assessment.

Gente undertakes to ensure that the client is compliant with all labour legislation.

Installation of a biometric and TNA system (if required by the client)
To manage both the improvement and maintenance of time and attendance standards Gente undertakes to install a Viper biometric finger print scanner at the clients request (and cost) that will act as a clock in system for staff. This system can also be interfaced with Gente's payroll, thus eliminating manual time sheets.

Payroll Administration
Gente provides a complete payroll service backed by Softline VIP Payroll and local electronic banking to effect payments.

Payroll services extend to:
The assessment of the current payroll, with the objective of compliance
The successful take-on of the core compliment, through thorough administrative processes.
Facilitating the opening of employees' bank accounts.
Providing the client with an employment toolkit, covering areas of new appointments, change of personal particulars, advances, leave applications, etc.
The consolidation of month-end and/or weekend.
Input of all salary and employment data, with checks and balances, ensuring a zero tolerance.
Electronic local banking of salaries into the respective employees bank accounts.
Generating salary advice slips.
Liaising with third parties as well as facilitating their payment and handling their queries.
Administration of all leave as prescribed by the BCEA/bargaining council agreements.
Immediate turnaround on all salary and leave queries.
Year-end statutory reporting.

Gente provides a complete scheduling service to its clients. This includes a weekly sheduling service aimed at providing the client with an adequate number of employees at all times, taking into account the businesses peaks and valleys. At the same time the scheduling system employed aims to keep overtime to a minimum.

Productivity Assessment
Gente undertakes to continually assess and try to improve the productivity of its client's workforce using a series of incrementally improved standards over time.

Gente will help assess stock losses due to staff and implement policies and procedures aimed at curbing such losses.

Gente will undertake all internal litigation as well as litigation up until CCMA arbitration level. In the event of a decision going against the client at the CCMA, Gente will provide a full guarantee. However in the event that the client or the client's management have not adhered to the stipulated procedure the client will be liable for the award and costs.

Gente also provides the client with a recruitment service which includes:
Advertising for the positions in the appropriate medium (if required)
Screening potential candidates
Interviewing potential candidates by using a competency interview guide to ensure that the potential applicant meets the criteria.
Effective references (previous employment, credit and criminal background checks).
Appointment with all appropriate documentation.