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By: Dinamac Financial  11-11-2011
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Dinamac Financial offers a full range of accounting related services to small to medium sized enterprises and individuals at very affordable rates.

Allow us to ensure your bookkeeping, accounting, tax, secretarial and auditing functions are looked after with care. Whether you're looking for accurate accounting records for your business, a set of professional financial statements, a new company, an audit at the end of the year or someone to ensure you don't overpay tax or ensure you get the correct refund from SARS, we can help.

Save yourself the worry and uncertainty of SARS compliance, avoid penalties and keep your information and submissions up to date. Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements now.

Bookkeeping & Government Returns

Bookkeeping is the base from which vital decision making information is generated. The information is also what is used to calculate tax liabilities. It is critical to ensure that this function of a business is absolutely correct. Correct and up to date bookkeeping will automatically follow through to all aspects of the accounting functions of your business. Annual financial statements, forecasts, VAT, PAYE, provisional tax and all other legally required information and submissions can be quickly calculated and resolved taking stress off owners' and managements shoulders.

We have become supremely capable of handling small to medium bookkeeping functions. Options include the client handing over the full bookkeeping department, handing over an internal audit aspect of the department entailing our review and guidance, or any possible service requirement by your business. We will be happy to offer the service required at an hourly rate of R355 excl. VAT (March 2010 to Feb 2011) subject to an agreement of terms and conditions from both parties.

Please do not hesitate to call us to set up an appointment. You will not be charged any call out or consultation fee for the interview. go to the "contact us" page for details.

We offer all bookkeeping and government returns services. Every business has different processing requirements. We will ensure that your books are maintained according to the specific needs of your business. We may only require a few hours each month to process all the relevant data and complete and submit your employees tax and VAT returns. Some businesses require more of our presence in which case we will offer more of our time. It is extremely important that companies comply with certain minimum requirements regarding monthly bookkeeping and government returns being :

  • Up to date books whether on Pastel or other software,
  • Correct calculation and continued reconciliation of Employees Tax (PAYE, UIF & SDL),
  • Correct calculation and continued reconciliation of VAT.

We will make sure that these aspects of your business are looked after and correctly handled. We understand the fundamentals of VAT and PAYE and ensure they are constantly reconciled and that submitted VAT returns and IRP5's correspond to the ledger information at the end of the financial year.

Services offered relating to Bookkeeping and government returns are as follows:

  • Monthly bookkeeping
  • Internal audit
  • Employees tax completion and submission
  • VAT completion and submission
  • IRP 5 certificates and reconciliations completions and submissions
  • Compensation Commissioner returns

Annual Accounting

Annual accounting is the summarising of the bookkeeping data into annual financial statements. The financial statements represent the annual report of the company's operations and include the income statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement and various reports and notes. The financial statements are the final declaration of the results of the company for the year to SARS, accompanying the income tax return, the bank and the shareholders of the business. The accuracy and presentation of these financial statements is critical.

We offer you the opportunity to have your financial statements and annual accounting requirements handled by Dinamac Financial using Caseware Working Papers technology ensuring they are professional up to date and legally compliant. Pricing is from R250 per hour. Contact us for further information - See "contact us" page for details.


Entrust Dinamac with all your tax requirements. Our main services include completion and submission of income tax returns. The other aspects which we look after for our clients include ths completion and submission of provissional tax returns, checking of tax assessments, corresponding with SARS on all objections and queries, requesting extensions for submission of returns where clients are not prepared with the required info. before the due dates etc. 

We offer all tax related services to individuals, trusts and companies. To see if we would suit your fortfolio, please get in touch with us.

Pricing from R850 excl. VAT per income tax return completion and submission. Don't put off what you can hand over to us. Let us ensure you are tax compliant.

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