By: Clinical Psychologist: Cindy Strydom  01-30-2012
Keywords: Personal Development, workshops, Marriage Counseling

  These workshops will help you rediscover your excitement for life J   Burnout & Stress Workshop How do you treat your car? Do you skip services? Ignore warning lights? Drive around with the fuel light on, hoping there’s enough to get you to point B? I’m assuming you treat your car better than that, but yet we treat our life and bodies in exactly that way.   With this workshop we will look at what exactly burnout out, what is it in your life that is contributing to you feeling this stressed? We will discuss boundaries, personal power, finding balance, and how to get beyond the stress and effect it has on your body and your life.   Rediscover Yourself You are so busy being busy that weeks, months and sometimes years go past, and in this time you have lost touch with yourself. Take some time to get in touch with yourself again, to learn to get to know you again.   In this workshop we will look at who you are and why you do the things you do. We will help you rediscover your senses, help you enjoy the moments in your life. You will learn to really self-reflect, and help with reclaiming your dreams and goals.                                                        The Couples Workshop                                       Why are you really attracted to your significant other? What is the psychology behind you choosing that specific person?   This workshop focuses on your really getting to know the couple for what it is. We will take your communication with each other to a whole new level, and help you really connect with your loved one.   These are half day workshops (+/- 4 hours). The rate is R450 pp and has a requirement of min 4, and 10 people. The rate for couples who are attending the couple’s workshop is R800 but singles may attend. Refreshments will be supplied during the workshop.   The workshop’s aim is for you to get to know yourself to aid in your psychological growth. It’s not merely a presentation but an interactive experience.

Keywords: couples counselling, Marriage Counseling, Personal Development, Relationship Counselling, workshops

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