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By: Ultrasoundscan  09-08-2010
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  1. 5-6 Week Pregnancy – A gestational sac is clearly depicted at 5 weeks and the embryo and heartbeat at 6 weeks. The viability of the foetus can be determined in the presence of pelvic pain, bleeding or the investigation of ectopic pregnancy (abnormal implantation site).
  2. Nuchal Scan (11-14 weeks) – Measurement of the neck is effective in detecting the possibility of a Down?s Syndrome baby.
  3. 2nd Trimester Anatomy Screening (18-24 weeks) – The foetus is thoroughly screened in the investigation of structural and chromosomal abnormalities. Foetal size, weight, organs, limbs, digits, heart rate, umbilical cord, placental position, amniotic fluid, multiple pregnancies, movements and gender are documented. Kicking, waving, yawning and even blinking can be captured.
  4. 3rd Trimester Scan – Foetal position, growth, weight, well-being placental position and fluid volume are assessed at this scan.
  5. 3D/4DScan (12-33 weeks) – 3D images are impressive reconstructions of the foetal image while 4D scans are dynamic reconstructions of the moving baby displaying kicking, blinking, yawning and waving. 3D/4D scans are perfect opportunities for psychological bonding with its spectacular pictures designed to impress Moms and Dads.

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