Wireless Early Warning Security System

By: Relax Security  11-11-2011
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Roboguard is an outdoor early warning system, designed to be active 24-hours a day to keep you and your family safe in your home, and forewarn you of any would-be intruders.
Roboguard is a truly reliable, durable outdoor wireless passive infra-red early warning detection system, which has a growing number of happy, loyal users.
Due to the two, widely separated eyes which look out horizontally over the ground, false alarms due to pets and birds is nearly totally eliminated.
The individual units cover an area of 20 meters at 110 degrees, an area 2 – 3 times what conventional outdoor passives cover, resulting in a cost effective system, with fewer units to maintain.The wireless nature of the Guard means that it is easily installed and moved and is impervious to lightning.The Guards come in three different colours, black, green and white, making them inconspicuous, and difficult for would-be intruders to avoid them.
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The HQ is a handheld portable wireless alarm panel, which is used to individually monitor up to 8 of the outdoor Guards. The HQ has a facility for Remote Arming, Panic and Silent panic via the 4 or 6-button Remote. The HQ has individual outputs making it possible to interconnect to Alarm Panels, Armed Response Radio Transmitters, SMS Transmitters, Sirens, Security Lights etc. The HQ comes packaged with a cell phone type plug-in charge and the alarm cable.  

R 1930.00 exvat


This is the outdoor sensor which covers an area, rather than a single line, very extensively. The Guards are normally positioned so that all the access points into the home or building are covered. The Guard covers an area of 20 metres through an angle of 110O. The Guard has Dual-Pyro technology, which results in an exceptionally low false alarming rate from birds, dogs, plants etc. The Guard has a open-air (line of sight) transmission distance of 400m. The Guard carries a UV and lightning warranty of 10 years, and is constructed of robust Polycarbonate. The expected battery life from the commonly available C-size Alkaline batteries is 2 years. The Guards are available in Black, Green and White  

R1978.00 exvat


This is essentially a fixed interface to your Alarm panel. The Keypad can monitor 4 Guards, and has the outputs of a 2-Channel receiver available (to receive from the Remote). The 4 Guards can interface into the Alarm Panel, either onto a single zone, 2 zones or 4 zones. The Keypad cannot be remotely armed/disarmed or “panicked” as with the HQ. However, Remote Arming and Panic can be provided for, on the Alarm Panel using the 2 Receiver outputs. The Keypad must be connected to a Receiver (Universal Receiver) for the reception of radio transmissions from the other devices. This device requires external 12VDC power.

R535.00 exvat

Universal Receiver

The Universal Receiver has 2 functions, either to connect to a Keypad to allow the Keypad to receive the radio transmissions, or as a single channel receiver used to control other devices such as gate motors, garage door motors, security lights, or for a arm/disarm or panic facility on an Alarm Panel or Armed Response Radio Transmitter etc. This device requires external 12VDC power.  

R565.00 exvat

Universal Transmitter

The Universal Transmitter is a 4-port wired input devide which allows any device or detector with a wired output to be integrated into the Roboguard system. The Universal Transmitter has a open-air (line of sight) transmission distance of 400m, and a typical transmission of 100m into a house. This device in conjunction with the Universal Receiver or Universal Receiver and Keypad can be used instead of cabling where cabling is not possible. This device requires external 12VDC power.  

R530.00 exvat

Visual Indicator (LED Indicator)

The Visual Indicator is an interface module between the HQ and an LED which continually displays the Arm/DIsarm status on the HQ on the LED. When the LED in On, the system is active, when Off the system is disarmed and when Flashing the system has been triggered (an intruder detected). The Visual Indicator will normally operate in conjunction with the LED Box, which is a red 10mm Hi-bright (vey bright) LED.  

R375.00 exvat


The Repeater is used where the radio transmission distance of any of the devices needs to be extended. Numerous Repeaters can operate in tandem where even greater transmission distances are required.The Repeater has a open-air (line of sight) transmission distance of 400m, and a typical transmission of 100m into a house This device requires external 12VDC power.  

R1000.00 exvat


This is an SMS transmitter which we have assembled to effortlessly connect into the HQ. The RelaxSMS has 9 inputs (can monitor 9 different states or devices) and 3 outputs (can control 3 seperate devices via an SMS sent to it). We have designed the RelaxSMS to allow the user to control the outputs from the HQ (namely, siren output and Intruder alarm output) and also the sending out of SMS via SMS commands sent to the RelaxSMS. RelaxSMS can notify up to 4 cell phones on a intruder event.  

R3500.00 exvat


The Remotes are used to remotely arm and disarm the HQ,and for Panic and SilentPanic triggers onto the HQ.These can also be used to control the Single Channel Receivers which can be used for controlling other equipment such as garage doors motors and gate motors. The Remote comes in either a 4-Button or a 6-Button option. The Remote has an effective transmission distance of 30m into a house (this transmission is not as strong as that of the Guards, so the operable distance must be tested)  

Six Button R200.00 e
Four Button R160.00 exvat

1.3AH Power Pack

This is a very popular power supply which is pre-wired, making the connection of a siren and Alarm Panel or Armed Response Radio Transmitter very easy. The Power Pack also provides additional battery back-up for the HQ and provides outputs for powering other 12V DC devices. A 1.3AH sealer lead acid battery is housed in the enclosure.  

R420.00 exvat

7AH Power Pack

This is similar to the 1.3AH Power Pack with the exception that it is housed in a larger enclosure and charges a larger 7AH battery.  

R550.00 exvat

Compact Pro Brackets

These are aluminium brackets ecpecially designed to enable efffective mounting and setting of the Guard. We normally find a poor installation results where the bracket is not used.  

R55.00 exvat


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Keywords: Alarm Panel, Transmission, Universal Receiver