By: Resin Art  11-11-2011
Keywords: Art, Bathroom Accessories, Toilet Seats

All designs viewed on this website are the property of and may only be ordered directly from E.T.Resin Art cc T/A Splash Functional Designs
Any person ordering these designs off this website from any company, shop, supplier or induvidual other than Splash Functional Designs
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If you are aware of anyone fraudulently making use of this website, Or have been referred to it by any shop or other induvidual for ordering purposes, please inform us on (011) 318-2243 At  SPLASH Functional Designs we produce a unique range of home and decor accessories using a great colour range and a variety of finishes. Our exclusive, original range of toilet seats reflect a hint of Africa, incorporating the diversity of  bushveld  to coastline and encapsulating natural indigenous to manufactured items.  This is complemented  by  many other bathroom accessories, such  as  soap dishes, plugs, hooks, toothbrush holders and toilet roll stands. Browse our range of mirror and photo frames, cupboard and drawer knobs, curtain tiebacks and lamps and many more items.

The range also includes fun designs specially made for children. 

For orders and enquiries  
by phone or e-mail.

Keywords: Art, Bathroom Accessories, Decor Accessories, Home and Decor, Toilet Seats