By: Rsb Group  11-11-2011
Keywords: Timber Products, Laminated Beams


We have a wide variety of imported and domestic hard and soft wood to choose from. We also offer..

  • Custom made laminated beams available for large-scale commercial projects
  • Custom profile design: we can work with you one-on-one to create completely unique profiles to add your own personal touch to your project

Glulam (Saligna) and Lamstock (Pine)
Many building designers shy away from design in laminated beams because they perceive it to be more difficult than steel or concrete. Nothing could be further from the truth. Once familiar with design requirements there is no problem.

There are a number of features of laminated beams that make them superior to alternative structural members. These include:

  • User friendly. Light weight and easy to cut and drill make laminated beams easy for any builder to erect. No special skills and only traditional carpentry tools are required, minimising the number of sub-contractors required on site.
  • Excellence of acoustics is a noted benefit. In many situations laminated beams have been used with success to improve or overcome acoustic problems.
  • High strength to weight ratio means lighter members are required, enabling a reduction in size in other structural components, for example additional floors to a building are often constructed of laminated beams for this reason.
  • Chemical resistance. Laminated beams work well in harsh environments, for example in corrosive chemical stores, acid plants, salt-water environments and swimming pools. It does not rust.
  • Fire resistance. Laminated beams perform well in fires, charring the outer few millimetres of material but continuing its structural function long after steel trusses would have collapsed in the same situation.

Glued laminated timber is available in a variety of widths and lengths, size is limited only by transport considerations. Laminated beams offer unparalleled versatility and the appearance is an important attribute.

  • Our four moulders produce unique dado, skirting boards and other moulded timber products. 2 four siders for decking and PAR
  • Our maximum machining size is limited to ex 200 X 50mm - everything else is limited only by your imagination.

To ensure and maintain quality standards RSB have full in house control over all process involved to produce RSB timber products from the raw wood to the finished product.

Keywords: Laminated Beams, Timber Products