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By: Wwis  11-11-2011
Keywords: Libraries, Publishers

Subscription Services:

Print Subscription
  • A dedicated Customer Services Representative who will process orders and claims and prepare customized reports.
  • Electronic ordering, claim and renewal of subscriptions.
  • A consolidation service for the delivery of international and local South African
Electronic Subscription
  • An evaluation tool that assists customers in migrating from print subscriptions to electronic subscriptions.


E-books is an electronic version of a traditional print book. We offer a comprehensive selection of e-Books from well known publishers.

Service To Publishers

  • Our knowledge of the local market enables you to reach buyers and users across Southern Africa, giving you the opportunity to develop business in these hard to reach markets.
  • Our long standing presence in the market provides continuity and ensures that your customers receive outstanding support.
  • WWIS saves you time and money by managing the distribution of subscriptions.

WWIS Consortium Services

Consulting service to libraries
  • We can compile a profile of offers that will be of specific benefit to libraries.
  • We will assist libraries to manage access and licences for example by using price cap and analyzing core holdings between a library and publisher/s.
Consulting services to SANLiC
  • We can identify needs from your membership and align these needs by negotiating appropriate requirements in publisher licences.

Keywords: Libraries, Publishers