By: The Stylist  11-11-2011
Keywords: Corporate Image, Tea Parties

The stylist know how important it is to spend time with friends and loved ones. We also understand the gift of empowerment. We offer exclusive tea parties for you and friends, where The Stylist gives an informative talk on Image and Style topics. We also have exclusive gifts on Sale. These parties and talks are free of charge so book your  party now! The Stylist offers groups sessions on our services where you and your loved ones and friends can style you life together!

  As we age our body shape and coloring changes as well as our personal style. Aging gracefully allows you to optimize your own potential. With age comes with wisdom and confidence . Even though your might now have the body when you were 18 you now have the confidence you wish you had at the age of 18. At The Stylist we pride ourselves in dressing you    to bring your radiant beauty within your soul.


  In today’s age, a man’s image is just as important as confidence. In the corporate world, leisure time  and on the sports field your image plays a role. At The Stylist, we aim to ensure that your image is projected as successful, sheik but manly.

  Young People

  As a young individual, starting out your tertiary studies or even a new career can be daunting. You worry about how you will be perceived and the image you project. At the Stylist we ensure you that as you enter the next phase of your life journey, you have an image that project the beauty within you and come across as young individual that stand out from the crowd. 

  Workshops & Therapy's

  As an individual, self improvement is part of our life. as technology and trends change, we have to learn new skills and beat the stress that comes along with it. The Stylist workshops, focus on three sections. Your personal Image, you social Image and Stress management and life coaching. 


  Etiquette falls in to three categories namely business etiquette, social etiquette and communication etiquette. . Understanding etiquette will not only give you confidence but will also make the people around you feel comfortable. To go that extra mile to presenting an unforgettable image, it is worth learning those little things that WOW people.

  Corporate Image

  Your employee's appearance and behaviour are powerful silent codes that speak volumes about your company.  After all, they are the front line ambassadors representing your company's image.  How are you and your employee’s visual appearances, verbal and non-verbal communication skills influencing the firm’s bottom line.

Keywords: Corporate Image, Tea Parties