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By: The Boiler Room Productions  03-02-2011
Keywords: Health And Safety Training, Induction Training, Accident Reconstruction

The Boiler Room are “Visual Communications Experts”, we convert complex
topics and text documents into a visual medium. 

Character Modelling

An effective communication is a character that depicts the culture of your company and acts
as a “presenter” of training modules, corporate presentations and often acts as the “safety officer”.
All our characters can be designed with full “lip-syncing” (ability to talk) in any language in the

Animation Productions
The Boiler Room will provide visual and interactive communication solutions through computer
animation. This medium of using computer animation allows us to demonstrate complex and
more so, life threatening topics.

Visual Computer Based Training (VCBT) Applications
The Boiler Room provides state of the art Visual Computer Based Training applications that
combine text, computer graphics, 2D / 3D computer animation, video, interactive “drop and drag”
modules, help menus, tips, 3D flowcharts, sound effects and voice-overs, and virtual
simulations, thus being a high level interactive multimedia application. The application can be
developed in both linear and non-linear methodologies.

3D Computer Animated Simulations

This method employs a full 3D world or real photographs / video, the working environment, tools
& equipment and the characters. Animation has some great advantages, for example in a mine we
could have Mr. Wrong sitting under a loose rock (a brow), and the 3D camera can fly into the roof
and show a plan view of the simulation. We have full control of the 3D world, we can change
materials on walls to highlight problem areas, change the material to transparent to reveal hidden
dangers, create cross sections, and manipulate interpretations accordingly.

Accident Re-Construction
Unfortunately someone has paid a terrible price; let others learn from their mistake. With that, we
have had huge success in re-constructing accidents. We again use 3D computer animation to show
the person and the accident. This has worked very well with animated backgrounds or real world

Video Compositing
Another method of training / production is our 3D video compositing. That is we use real world
photographs or live video footage and use 3D computer animation over the top, like using
multiple layers. This is the highest quality giving the users a very “real” feel for what they are
watching. We are also using “Green Screen” real people in a large number of our productions.
The way it works is we replace the “green” background with either live footage or animated

VR Training

We have broken the training frontiers with our Virtual Reality (VR) methodologies. We create a
3D Virtual work place or use live pictures / video footage that the learner must interact with. For
example with Sappi we filmed a paper machine and some danger points. The learners click on
screen when they identify a “Nip Point”, (two or more rollers coming together creating a pinch

• General Site Induction – General Site Visitor (VIP)
• Site / Building Inductions
• Mining Induction – Used in Conjunction with Aptitude Testing. With Computer Based
Training (CBT) a person off the street can 1st see if mining is for them. 2nd learn about
different job fields. 3rd do basic job training and if their score is high enough follow on to
“Hands On” training.
• Contractor Induction
• CBT – Application Development, Data Tracking / Scoring

Architectural Visualization
We working with hotels / estates / housing tourist resort whereby we have filmed
the land as it is now and have created the hotel, houses, shops, units etc and placed
the 3D models onto the live footage. We have also filmed people in various
standing, sitting walking (on a treadmill) in a green screen studio. This allows us to
place “real” people into animated environment.

Corporate Communication
• Corporate 3D Talking Mascots
o Greetings
o Setting
o Announcements – Teasers
• Internet Web Site
o Sales / Marketing
o General Information
o Progress Photo Gallery
o Progress Reports
o The
o Monthly Newsletter
o Email Templates (Stationary)
• Logo Modernisation
• Brand Identity and Communication
• Presentations
• Marketing Video’s
• Documentary Television Show Creation ***

Keywords: 3D Computer Animated Simulations, Accident Reconstruction, Behaviour Based Training, Health And Safety Training, Induction Training,

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