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By: Peakford Management Consultants  12-06-2010
Keywords: Project Management

Project Management Programme


Programme Description:

This programme aims to inculcate project management skills and to create an awareness of good project management practice among managers of different levels and project teams in Municipal environments. It deals with project management from a project life-cycle perspective and covers all technical aspects of project management. Project Management is positioned as a systematic, team-based approach to planning and organising the project and fulfilling stakeholder expectations.


Course Length: Three days training programme

Unit Standard 120383

NQF level 4

Credits &

Learning Outcomes:

Understand the underlying philosophies of project management.

Understand the concept of project management as a fundamental management competence

Understand the legal framework that affect projects

Have a general understanding of project management as a specialized discipline of management of resources.

Be equipped to manage multiple projects.

Play critical leadership role in project initiation and implementation.

Develop project management teams, supervise and manage the teams throughout the entire project.

Be able to monitor and evaluate projects be able to advice on project issues in the public sector


Programme Outline

Introduction to Project management in NGO set up

Understand the concept project management

Projects vs. operations

Types of projects the need for project Management in Municipalities

Legal framework, MFMA, Municipal Systems Act, treasury Regulations


Project Management Roles and Responsibilities

Project Roles and responsibilities

Project Roles Relationships

Project Sponsorship and Funding fundamentals

Organisation Structuring for Projects


Project Management Context

Project Management Context

Project Management Life-Cycle (Four Phases)


The  Initiation Stage

Project origination and initiation

Project Feasibility studies

Project stakeholder analysis and engagement

Writing a project proposal

Policy development


Project Planning

Identifying projects/ elements of a project to be outsourced

Designing a contract

Developing a project plan

Key project planning tools: Milestone, Gantt chart and PERT, logical framework Approach

Project Budgeting



The Implementation Stage

Project management process cycle

Creating a communication matrix

Securing team involvement in all stages of a project

Progress and phase review

Project tracking/ Project Reporting (structures, lines and formats) and Project control

Sources of problem and problem management

Leadership and project management

Contract management


Key project management tools


Managing Scope

Purpose, principles and processes of scope management

Scope initiation

Scope planning

Scope definition (Work breakdown structure)

Planning at strategic level

Planning at lower level

Scope verification

Scope change control


Managing Time

The time schedule

Activity definition and sequencing

Inputs to activity sequencing

Estimating duration

Schedule development

Calculating the schedule with networks

Controlling time

Managing Integration

Balancing the organisation’s objectives and project’s objectives

Project plan development

Linking project objectives with other objectives

Nesting the plans

Project plan execution

Managing Human Resources

Organisational planning

Staff acquisition

Team development

Managing Quality

Quality planning

Quality assurance

Quality control

Managing Cost

Resource planning

Cost estimation

Types of estimates

Structuring the estimate

Cost estimation in the public service

Estimating techniques

Cost budgeting and control

Managing Risk

Risk and risk management

Risk identification

Risk quantification

Assessing risk

Reducing risk

Controlling risk

Managing Communication

Communication Planning

Information distribution

Performance reporting

Administrative closure

Managing Procurement and Contracts

Procurement planning

Tools and Techniques for procurement planning


Solicitation planning

Source selection

Contract administration

Contract management and Contract close-out and settlement


Project Close out

Close out procedures

Close out documentation

Close out report

Project hand over and disintegration

Close out checklist


Evaluation and assessment of Projects

Guidelines to project evaluation

Evaluation and assessment strategies

Writing a final report

Assessing implementation strategies

Keywords: Project Management

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