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By: Peakford Management Consultants  12-06-2010
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Course Description

Today’s administrator must posses a mastery of skills, demonstrate the ability to assume responsibility without direct supervision, exercise initiative and judgment and be able to make decisions within the scope of her authority This programme aims at equipping the office administrator with indispensable knowledge and skills required to co-ordinate and maintain effective procedures and efficient workflow in and out of the department. A three-day highly intensive and learner centred programme

focusing on the core administrative responsibilities of a modern office administrator at junior level.


Writing effectively is a critical business skill that contributes to success on the job. Most jobs involve writing and our writing needs to communicate our professionalism. You will be taught step by step how to produce clear and direct emails, letters, proposals and reports.

The course is interactive, fast-paced, fun, and full of tips and techniques you can use immediately


- has a proven record in facilitating this programme utilizing expert, experienced and qualified facilitators


NQF Level


Course Length:

Three days Training Course


Learning Outcomes:

Ø      Develop a system and procedure of developing high level of security of staff and customers

Ø      Understand company procedure and policies relating to creating a safe working environment

Ø      Describe the principles of inventory control.

Ø      Design a stock control system that monitors and adjusts movement of goods.

Ø      Define the concept of office supplies.

Ø      Apply the procurement practices of the organisational policies and procedures.

Ø      Monitor maintenance of general office equipment by having policies and

Ø      procedures governing the usage of these equipments.

Ø      Identify and communicate with maintenance providers

Ø      Routine maintenance checks are conducted on general office equipment.

Ø      Identify office equipment that need repair

Ø      Standard writing guidelines

Ø      How to avoid common mistakes

Ø      Write effective sentences and paragraphs

Ø      Write effective Letters, Reports and Emails

Ø      Write apologies

Ø      Write persuasive messages

Ø      Create and format a Letter proposal

Ø      Create and edit a Formal proposal


Programme Outline:

Introduction to the office function

Office organisation

Roles and responsibilities

Career development and prospects

Handling in-coming correspondence

Procedure for handling in-coming mail

Remittance book / register

Distribution of incoming mail

Acknowledging inquires / correspondence

Handling out-going mail

Out-going mail procedure

Registered, insured, fast mail etc.

Mail room equipment / machinery


The functions of a Registry

Duties of the records manager and registry head

The organisation of a Registry

Correspondence eg. in coming mail

Registry procedures

Disposal of records; Controlling records

Safe custody of records

Equipments for a Registry

Techniques for Registry management

Filing and records Management

Procedure for compiling and approval of a filing system

Control registers

Filing system for secrete files

The implementation of a new filing system

Disposal of records

Controlling of records

Safe custody of records

Correspondence et. Incoming and outgoing mail.

Office duties and responsibilities

Customer relations – promoting a positive business image of enterprise to the public

The procurement function

The marketing function

The financial function

The HR function (including leave)

Office management

Handling machinery and other related functions

The internet

Computer data management


Making specific arrangements



Travel and accommodation

Managing stationary

Systems for managing stationary

Ordering of supplies

Tips for managing stationary

Stationary record book

 Writing Skills

Improve your writing by avoiding common pitfalls

Following standard writing guidelines

Write effective sentences and paragraphs

 Writing Specific Messages

Write effective Email, Letter and Report messages

Write opinionated messages

Write apologies

Write negative messages

Write persuasive messages

Keywords: Professional office admin

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