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By: Peakford Management Consultants  12-06-2010
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Successful organizations pay particular attention to the growth and development of their employees. Organizations that have well defined development programmes are likely to retain top performers in their organization. The Siyabusa employee development programme focuses on developing and implementing effective training and development programme that are result oriented and help organizations become more productive. This programme gives those entrusted with the T&D function with a logical, step by step yet comprehensive analysis and exposure to enable them become more effective.


- has a proven record in facilitating this programme utilizing expert, experienced and qualified facilitators




Duration 3 days



 Upon completion of this course, students will possess the following competencies:

·        Understanding of the issues in managing the training and development function and its relation to corporate objectives and performance;

·        Ability to design training programs including consideration of training needs and objectives, principles of learning, appropriate selection and use of training methods, management development methods, and career development methods, transfer of training to the job, evaluation of training, costing of training programs;

·        Ability to conduct a training needs analysis including job analysis, person analysis, and organization analysis;

·        Write measurable training objectives incorporating expected learning outcomes;

·        Understanding of principles of adult learning including theories of motivation, trainee ability and aptitude, knowledge and skill acquisition and retention, and transfer of training to the workplace as they relate to the design of effective training and development programs;

·        Awareness of a variety of training and development methods, the advantages and disadvantages of each method, and ability to select and use appropriate methods to design an effective learning experience;

·        Understanding of issues in training evaluation, including the cost/benefits (utility) of training, ability to design a training evaluation procedure, and ability to use the results to improve training programs and/or make appropriate decisions concerning the training and development function;

·        Ability to determine cost/benefits (utility) of training programs, Awareness of various approaches to training, different kinds of training programs, and topical issues concerning the training function;

Keywords: Employment Development

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