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By: Peakford Management Consultants  12-06-2010
Keywords: Customer Service

Course Outline


Achieving Customer Service Excellence

Based on SAQA’s Unit Standard ID 7789 NQF Level 4, 8 Credits




Building positive relationships whilst providing a service can be demanding and, in sensitive situations, difficult. With the correct communication skills you can enhance your standard of customer care dramatically, and increase customer co-operation, loyalty and satisfaction. This is a two day course designed for those in daily contact with customers who need to provide a professional service to gain and maintain competitive advantage. You will learn how to develop communication and customer handling skills to create and build rapport, maintain customer relationships and deal with problems. Like any skill, customer handling needs practising, so you will be encouraged to use real-life examples from your place of work to make the exercises relevant to your job.


- has a proven record in facilitating this programme utilizing expert, experienced and qualified facilitators


Course Objectives


By the end of this course you will be able to: 


ü      Understand the association between customer loyalty and customer care

ü      Viewing your customer as a source of revenue for your organisation and therefore the source of salaries. 

ü      Distinguish your role and responsibility in building and enhancing customer loyalty and meeting customer needs and expectations. 

ü      Achieve excellence in the service you provide by anticipating customer's needs and maintaining professionalism under pressure. 

ü      Confidently communicate with customers and project the right image when dealing face-to-face and on the telephone. 

ü      Handle complex people and challenging situations effectively. 

ü      Confidently manage complaints and use feedback to build stronger relationships. 

ü      Set customer service levels and evaluate performance.



Course Outline


Evaluating your Customer Service Skill 


  • Identifying your Internal and external customers 
  • Recognising the importance of your role and responsibilities to the customer 
  • Meeting customer expectations by delivering a quality service 
  • Achieving excellence in customer service - building customer loyalty


Building Customer Relations 


  • Managing first impressions which could make or break your relationship
  • Maximising moments of truth - communicating face-to-face or on the telephone 
  • Overcoming obstacles and building relationships with different types of people 
  • Projecting confidence and professionalism 
  • What to say and how to say it 
  • Considering and managing customer demands 
  • Constructively representing your organisation 


Accepting Responsibility 


  • Taking personal ownership for customer satisfaction 
  • Adding personal value and exceeding expectations 
  • Enjoying the challenge and remaining customer-focused


Communicating Professionally with Customers 


  • Effective telephone techniques - the dos and don'ts 
  • Sounding clear, concise and positive 
  • Enhancing your listening skills 
  • Dealing appropriately with different situations and difficult customers 
  • Projecting professionalism and confidence - defining assertiveness 
  • Giving bad news and saying 'no' constructively


Turning Unhappy Customers into Loyal Patrons 


  • Neutralising a difficult situation 
  • Transforming negative situations into positive outcomes through effective feedback 
  • Demonstrating empathy and gaining the customer's respect 
  • Taking ownership of the outcome and finding successful solutions 


Course duration


·         Two days

Keywords: Customer Service

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