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By: Peakford Management Consultants  12-06-2010
Keywords: Anger Management

Anger is a negative emotion that can lead to aggression, hostility, irritability, crankiness, complaining and arguments. Needless to say anger management is critical to success in business. Failure to manage anger at the workplace has devastating effect on productivity, relationships, teams and employee moral. Progressive organisational are those that acknowledge potential existence of anger and take proactive measures through training and counseling to ensure a conducive working environment

On this course participants will take part in a series of intriguing exercises to assist in identifying the source of anger, its effects and solutions to overcome anger.


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·            The identify what anger is

·            Identify the negative consequences of anger

·            Why you get angry

·            Angry body language

·            Techniques to cope with anger

·            How to use anger in a positive way

·            Tips of handling criticism

·            How to relax and get back in control

·            How to resolve anger from the past

·            How to deal with other angry people

·            How to be emotionally intelligent



By the end of the anger management course delegates will be able to…

  • appreciate what are acceptable and unacceptable levels of behavior
  • define the components of anger management
  • identify the causes of aggression
  • practice assertive communication
  • feel more at ease with yourself and others
  • take a refreshing new look at yourself
  • express all your feelings, not just anger
  • face the behaviour of others - know how to prepare, what to do and say
  • use appropriate verbal and non-verbal behaviour in different situations
  • Use your enhanced feelings of self confidence in a productive manner.
  • Manage your emotions

The course covers:

 Effective ways of controlling an explosive temper

  Defence mechanisms?

 Root causes of anger

 Faulty behaviours and notions we learn

 Emotions

 How wrong you see yourself

  How to end the vicious emotional roller coaster

  Anger triggers

  Ways of controlling your anger and feelings

  How to identify the real problem

  About road rage

  Basic rules of managing anger

  Anger management and conflict resolution

  Are you an Imploder or Exploder type person?

  Essential reasons why you must understand anger

Upon finishing this course you will be in a much better position to help others and yourself to deal with anger and stress issues.











What is Anger?

·            Understanding why we feel anger

·            The wide range of emotions that result from anger

·            How anger works?

·            Thoughts that fuel anger

·            How do you cope with your anger?

·            Changing coping techniques

The Way You Feel

·            Assessing why you get angry

·            Assessing when you get angry

·            Your personal way of handling anger

·            What provokes you?

·            When to be angry

·            Your body and anger


Emotional intelligence

  • accurately perceive emotions in oneself and others


  • use emotions to facilitate thinking


  • understand emotional meanings, and


  • manage emotions


Using Anger to Improve Your Life

·            Know when your anger is valid

·            How to make anger work for you

·            Anger: pain or gain?

·            Just or unjust?

·            Anger and your communication style

Stopping Anger from Escalating

·            Keeping your anger under control

·            Preventing that spark from escalating

·            Tips for handling criticism

·            Relaxation

·            Getting back in control

Letting Go of the Past

·            Identify past anger that still affects you today

·            Don't repeat behavior that is self-defeating

·            Identifying unresolved anger from the past

·            Experiencing anger from expectations

·            Be good to yourself

Listen to Other People's Anger

·            Recognize other people's anger and respond in a helping manner

·            Coping with angry people

·            Styles of communication

·            Your family relationships

·            20 Additional behaviors that create relationship anger

·            Teaching your child to manage anger

·            Anger and your working relationships

Keywords: Anger Management

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