Promotion of acces to information

By: Peakford management consultants   12-03-2010

Promotion of Access to Information Act
The purpose of the course is to equip organisations and individuals with
the necessary knowledge and skills to comply with the Acts, and to use
the legislation to their advantage. This is to ensure improved Corporate
Governance in the Public and the Private Sector through enabling people
to expose corruption and fraud in the workplace without risk, and to
improve the quality of decision making and of people’s lives through
greater access to information.
The ODAC Training Unit offers the following services:
1. Training on the Promotion of Access to Information Act of 2000
o For Holders of Information (Public and Private Sector
Organisations, NGO’s, Trade Unions, etc).
o For Requesters of Information (Individuals and Organisations,
including Trade Unions, NGO's, Public and Private Sector).
Programme Outline
Introduction to the Act
Focus of the Act
Cover of the Act
Key concepts and definitions
Understanding records
What is a record?
Records held by official or independent contractor of public or private
Application of other legislation prohibiting or restricting disclosure
Application of other legislation providing for access
Accessing public records
Right of access to records of public bodies
Public bodies or officials affected by the Act
Body determined to be part of another public body
Publication and availability of certain records
Manual on functions of, and index of records
Disclosure and automatic availability of certain records
Accessing records
Roles and responsibilities of information officers
Requesting for information – methods and forms of requests
Process during requests
Safeguarding and preservation of records
Availability and non availability of records
Denying access and notifying thereof
Technical and legal aspects of access to records
Organisational policy on requests
Access to health and other records
Methods of access
Language of access
Refusing access to records
Meaning of refusal to access
Basis to refusal
Mandatory protections
Mandatory protection of privacy natural and commercial parties
Aspects of confidentiality according to the Act
Mandatory disclosure in public interest
Third party notification and intervention
Notices to third parties
Representation and consents by third parties
Decision on representations for refusal and notice thereof
Access to records of private bodies
Right of access to records of private bodies
Publication and availability of certain information
Voluntary disclosure and automatic availability of certain records
Manner of access, form of access and fees
Issues regarding access to records
Grounds for refusal to access
Third party notification and intervention
Appeals against decisions
Rights and obligations
Manner of appeal and appeal fees
Role of courts
Institutional Aspects
Development of a system for implementing PAIA
Training staff
Developing a manual and policies
Duration:2 days

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