Local Economic Development

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Course Description


This course is primarily designed to interrogate and further advance the knowledge and understanding of the students relating to the concept of Local Economic Development as one of social and community development models or approaches.  Deliberations within this course will be located within the broader framework of sustainable livelihoods approach.


Students will gain exposure to a wide range of recent LED experiences in South Africa within the context of Developmental Local Government.  Accordingly, the module will also provide students with critiques of various strategies, techniques and processes that have contributed towards informing national and global debates around economic development in general and local community development in particular. Moreover, students will also have an opportunity to evaluate the local economic initiatives by making use of community development frameworks such as Asset Based Community Development (ABCD), Human Capability approaches, etc.


1)    Course Objectives


2.1.            To introduce students to debates and issues relating to local economic development and community economic development theories;

2.2.            To deepening students’ understanding of CED/LED principles and approaches, including their implications for effective social and economic interventions at community level;

2.3.            To introduce students to different approaches to economic and social development and their implications for addressing socio-economic problems in South Africa;

2.4.            To engage students in exploring various CED/LED strategies and techniques and further locate the role of local government thereof;

2.5.            To enhance student’s understanding and ability in financing and evaluating local economic initiatives.

2) Course content

·        The concept of sustainable LED and the global context in which it occurs.

·        Goals, principles and approaches to Local Economic Development – the National and International perspectives.

·        Institutional and policy framework for support and promotion of Local Economic Development in South Africa.

·        The role of Developmental Local Government in promotion of LED

·        Tools and strategies for Local Economic Development initiatives.

·        Challenges and threats to LED – recent experiences from selected case studies

·        Case studies on small and micro enterprises including their potential and limitations.




3) Course Sessions


Session 1


Introduction and overview of the course is presented. The definition, guiding principles, approaches of community economic development are examined from the perspective that development is intended to address the needs of individuals and societies. However, development efforts have yet to resolve the complex causes of poverty and how to eliminate social injustices. Development agendas continually shift in a search for solutions to the perplexing problems facing humanity. 


Session 2


What are the rationale and trends for CED/LED in South Africa and internationally? What are the current perspectives on CED/LED in South Africa? These issues are discussed from the perspective of government policies, practices and their effectiveness. The role of the State is examined

The meaning of economics and its role in development is examined. What are the major influences and interactions of international, national and local economic policies on developing an economically sound strategy for a community? What financial considerations must be considered in ensuring that a project may be sustainable and viable? A variety of examples are explored in this section


Session 3


Strategies, in particular, SMEs and Cooperatives, are examined in the international and South African context. Many international agencies advocate SMEs and cooperatives as key to solving problems of poverty and unemployment. This section will analyse these strategies and identify their effectiveness. 


Keywords: Team Building

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