Anger management

By: Peakford management consultants   12-03-2010
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What is Anger?

·            Understanding why we feel anger

·            The wide range of emotions that result from anger

·            How anger works?

·            Thoughts that fuel anger

·            How do you cope with your anger?

·            Changing coping techniques

The Way You Feel

·            Assessing why you get angry

·            Assessing when you get angry

·            Your personal way of handling anger

·            What provokes you?

·            When to be angry

·            Your body and anger


Emotional intelligence

  • accurately perceive emotions in oneself and others


  • use emotions to facilitate thinking


  • understand emotional meanings, and


  • manage emotions


Using Anger to Improve Your Life

·            Know when your anger is valid

·            How to make anger work for you

·            Anger: pain or gain?

·            Just or unjust?

·            Anger and your communication style

Stopping Anger from Escalating

·            Keeping your anger under control

·            Preventing that spark from escalating

·            Tips for handling criticism

·            Relaxation

·            Getting back in control

Letting Go of the Past

·            Identify past anger that still affects you today

·            Don't repeat behavior that is self-defeating

·            Identifying unresolved anger from the past

·            Experiencing anger from expectations

·            Be good to yourself

Listen to Other People's Anger

·            Recognize other people's anger and respond in a helping manner

·            Coping with angry people

·            Styles of communication

·            Your family relationships

·            20 Additional behaviors that create relationship anger

·            Teaching your child to manage anger

·            Anger and your working relationships

Keywords: Team Building

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