By: Micromedia Art Gallery  11-11-2011
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Micromedia Art Gallery framing business line consists of a variety of artwork, a mix of ancient Italian, Greek, Egyptian, African as well as modern styles. Our product and service offers the customer a little bit more than our competitors, as we will ensure that the customer will remain satisfied for a long time to come. We will ensure that our client will place the product at the best location in their offices, homes, conference halls, churches etc, and also ensure that the finishes used coordinate perfectly with the client's location. The costing structure of our products is carefully done to beat competition. The best material, sourced at competitive prices, is used. More sources of supply for most of the framing materials that are needed to stock a retail framing operation are regularly being developed. Additionally, sources for artwork and related gift items will be developed both locally and internationally. Finally, choosing the right product mix to offer, providing a selection that offers variety on price, and design will be considered and developed. Our products and service stands out from the- competition because of our small, .but extremely skilled and fully equipped team. Our nearest competition charges a higher price as they have to buy from manufacturers and then sell. We manufacture our own products and bring them to the market without incurring huge overheads. Our manufacturing unit currently utilises the following technology; state of the art vacuum compressing machine, glass cutting machine, frame cutting machine, jointing machine and wood cutting machine. By using this technology we are able to offer the client the best finishes, high quality workmanship. We have capacity to produce 100 units per month. Site selection is of critical importance in the picture framing as well as any other small business. The production process involves designing picture frames to customer specifications. Assistance is also given to the client on what best. Suit his needs, especially to ensure that the product adequately coordinate with where he wants to put up his framed picture. Micromedia Art Gallery offers top quality customer support in the form of a before and after sales consultation. Besides selling our product, we always follow up and check up on our customer to ensure he comes back for more, also that he refers other clients.

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