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By: McCrystal Insurance  03-07-2011
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A Quick Guide to McCrystal Motorcycle Insurance:

Each year it seems that hundreds of people in South Africa are recognizing the allure of owning a motorcycle. We all know that vehicles need insurance, and if you‹re a novice motorcycle enthusiast or even a master then you should always consider McCrystal insurance brokers. We are the leaders in motorcycle insurance and offer the most competitive premiums in the country.

How does a McCrystal Motorcycle Insurance Work?

Premiums are calculated on a flat rate scale. The age of the rider, his/her class of bike and any additional extras are all taken into account.

Just like car insurance, McCrystal motorcycle insurance offers affordable comprehensive coverage. Meaning: that you will get full cover like accident benefits, direct compensation due to theft or damage and third party liability.

Generally the accident benefits provide you with roadside assistance in the event of an accident. This includes 24hour towing services, medical assist, overnight accommodation, 24 hour car hire, locksmith services and even 24/7/365 days a year breakdown services.
Direct compensation-property damage coverage means that any damage your bike may incur during an accident is also covered by McCrystal motorcycle insurance.
Third party liability, just like a car‹s insurance covers any damages you may inflict upon a third person or his/ her property.

Comprehensive coverage does not necessarily require accidents for the insurance to pay for repairs and damages; it also includes coverage typically for fortuitous events that may damage your motorcycle. In case of damage during fire or natural disaster you will be reimbursed the amount for repair or the insured amount for replacement.

Keywords: Motorcycle Insurance