Affordable, Reliable Fingerprint Reader - MN100A

By: M And N  11-11-2011
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- Affordable, Reliable Fingerprint Reader

MN100A is a standalone fingerprint time and attendance system. It features a built in Linux operating system and an Intel CPU.

The identification speed is under 2 seconds. We can link the reader to an existing PC on your network. We can easily link to payroll. With the MN100’s industry leading components, you will have your wages done in no time.

MN100 Biometric Time and Attendance Clock, for you  

This clock is best suited for a workforce of 1 - 100 employees. All of our fingerprint readers feature an embedded Linux operating system. Menu access is simple and easy and since the unit is completely standalone, new employees can be enrolled in under a minute. The menu can be password / fingerprint encoded, to prevent unwanted changes being made to the system.

The unit is also ISO approved, giving you the assurance of a quality product. We will train you and add your employees details onto the system. The Reporting software will work on any PC later than but the recommended system is

This fingerprint reader has TCP/IP, Serial 232 and 485 connectivity, so it can easily connect to your PC in various ways. We can link many readers to a single PC, making multiple clocking points at your premises a breeze, should you require to do so. STOP clocking fraud today and SAVE money!


  • CMOS automated exposure and intelligent compensation for improved image quality

  • Large 128x64 LCD display with a blue backlight.

  •   50 000 transaction (clocking) log storage onboard memory

  • Can store up to 10 fingerprints per employee, no excuses


  • It “talks”, acknowledges the fingerprint has been accepted by saying “thank you”

  • Can integrate into your existing network, using TCP/IP, or use a serial 232 connection to your PC

  • No more buying clock cards, or having employees leave their clock cards at home!

  • Prevents “buddy” clocking

  • Employees name is displayed on screen when they clock “IN” or “OUT”




Fingerprint Capacity


Transaction Storage


Operation System


Response Time

< 2 seconds

FAR (false acceptance rate)


FRR (false rejection rate)


Matching Method

1:1 or 1:n

Keywords: Clock, Fingerprint