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Personal Profile:

LA Wollnik is a graduate of Unisa where he completed his Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Law degrees and is a member of the side bar as an Attorney. Leon studied further for Practice Management through the Law Society of South Africa and has 10 years of service experience.


Practice areas:

Civil and Criminal Litigation

Wills & Deceased Estates
Antenuptial Contracts
Commercial Contracts


Clients instruct Leon Wollnik Attorneys throughout Gauteng. We are accessible by telephone, fax and e-mail. We also travel to meetings if required by the client.


Leon Wollnik Attorneys. is not a legal factory offering a mass-produced legal product. We find that our clients often prefer an independent approach. In our experience, effective personal case-handling is more likely to produce sound results.


Leon Wollnik Attorneys look to input not only careful legal work and precision but also the determination to keep matters moving. We aim to work in clients' real interests with energy and pragmatism. 


Leon Wollnik Attorneys always try to open up the legal process by giving advice and explaining options to clients in a concise and straightforward way, identifying clear courses of action whatever the technical or legal complexities of the subject and furthermore advising the client of the cost of such course of action.  Our policy is to offer our clients regular feedback on their matters and to keep them in the picture at all times.


Fee structures

Leon Wollnik Attorneys always aim to approach legal work in a financially disciplined way. We operate at competitive rates. Our fee arrangements are both transparent and settled according to the options open to our clients. The firm generally charges by reference to time spent but we often agree fixed fees for specific projects or in some  cases risk-adjusted

funding structures.


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