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By: LeanGenie  10-09-2012
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Science recently discovered compounds from bitter orangethat demonstrated powerful thermogenic ("fat-burning") activity.Called 'synephrine', this has prominently become referred to as ephedra's"calmer chemical cousin" as it increases the body's ability to burncalories, without any side effects on the central nervous or cardiovascularsystem & is now rated one of the top 15 fat burners in the world!

How itworks: Chinese herbal medicine is the oldest form of alternativemedicine in the world. Written records date Chinese herbal medicine backover 2,000 years and due to the incredible success of these methods, theywere passed down from generation to generation. And now we pass on one of their top weight loss secrets to you…

JS SLIM slimming capsules are a combination of multiplevegetable proteins or ‘fat burners’ that comprehensively prevent the absorptionof fat and accelerate the decomposition of excessive fat stores within yourbody. There are a number of very promising new discoveries in the world of naturalfat burners, including Citrus aurantium (bitter orange). This is one of themain ingredients in JS SLIM responsible for its success in metabolising excessfat.

It is this, as well as its specific formula and combinationof ingredients that rapidly speed up your body's natural metabolic bodypurification process, thereby inducing substantial weight loss and centimetrereduction in all the right places!

Weight lossresults: (see our testimonials) You could lose an average of 8kgs per month when used in conjunctionwith our recommended eating plan, or by following a sensible calorie restricteddiet, or just by following our 5 golden rules for weight loss:

• Avoid alcohol as it is a toxin and will counter-act thepotent weight loss effect;
• Avoid high sugar foods as well as sweetened, carbonated soft drinks;
• Avoid carbohydrate rich foods such rice, pasta, bread, cakes, etc;
• Avoid fatty foods and saturated fat products such as yellow cheese, and
• Drink 2-3 litres of pure water per day

Supplementing with the JS SLIM slimming tea will enhance yourweight loss capabilities. (Results vary from person to person.)

Indications: Can be used as a short term treatment for weight loss inadults over the age of 18.

Ingredients: JS SLIMSlimming Capsules are a proprietary formula based on a combination of LotusLeaf (powder), Chinese Hawthorn (powder), Rhizoma Alismatis (powder), Sweet PotatoFibre (powder), Bitter Orange (powder), and Poria Cocos (powder).

Dosage anddirections for use: As a dietary supplement take two (2) capsules 30-45 minutesbefore breakfast. Do not exceed this dose. Re-seal the airtight container &store in a cool, dry place, below 25 and out of reach of childrenand direct sunlight.

Contra-indications: Pregnant or nursingmothers, children under 18, and/or individuals with a known medical conditionand/or who are taking any medication should consult a physician before usingthis or any dietary supplement. 

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