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By: Kpi Management Solutions  11-11-2011
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Balanced Scorecards

Business Intelligence

KPI Management solutions is one of the few BI outfits that can design and deliver an enterprise business intelligence solution  that is fully aligned to the strategy of the business.

We also have tools an methodologies for  rapid delivery  of  specific subject areas such as Sales, Finance, Inventory, Supply Chain, Procurement, Marketing, HR,  Manufacturing and other supporting areas.

Financial Planning and Budgeting

KPI Management Solutions will aid your company in producing efficient and accurate financial plans (budgets, forecasts and strategic plans) that are: Driver Based;  Transparent; Easy to Use, Fast to Implement; and manage the numbers, commentary and assumptions used in the process.

Enterprise Risk Management

A good reputation, the ability to respond quickly and decisively to opportunities and threats, a proven track record of regulatory compliance and internal control; it all complements your organizations’ ability to execute strategy, attract new customers, business partners and investors, and very importantly: avoid legal action. 

KPI  Management Solutions can assist to roll out  enterprise Risk and Compliance Scorecards and Business Processes. Forrester recognizes our QPR solution as a global provider risk and compliance solution.

Sustainability Reporting

Many corporates have not yet realised how onerous it will be to collect sustainability reporting on an ongoing basis in a fast and accurate manner. In fact many of the underlying business processes that need to supply the information have not been set-up to produce the level of information. In order for sustainability reporting to make the grade, the information will need to be accurate and auditable from the reports given to stakeholders all the way to where the data originates from. 

Spreadsheets may cover the gap in the short term, but companies wanting a sustainable, fast and reliable process will need to automate the process and ensure that the information being reported is credible and auditable. Failure to do this will make the process expensive and time consuming.

Business Process Management

KPI Management Solutions has tools and methodology to map business processes across the enterprise. 

Our solution ensures that processes become visible and actionable across all functional silos. We also ensure that we map according to the what delivers values to the customer (quality; efficiency; cost, predictability etc)  and at the same time aligning the processes to the strategic direction of the business.

Project Management Office (PMO)

Projects seem to spring up all over these organizations and are often misaligned to the goals and strategies of the overall business. It’s difficult for management to control the portfolio of projects on the go as visibility to these projects is absent and there is no standard way of viewing the consolidated position of the portfolio. 

KPI Management Solutions can provide management with a consolidated picture of the project portfolio by using our tools and methodologies to manage and align projects within various programs.

Performance Management

KPI Management Solutions uses a combinations of our methodologies and tools to deliver the most  comprehensive  performance management  system. This includes:

- for identifying KPIs that drive the business and then tracking their progress against targets. This is done at all levels (Corporate level, teams & individuals.
- for analyzing business and process performance and establishing the root cause.
- for translating objectives and business plans into financial numbers which is the language of business .
- for tracking and coordinating initiatives that drive improvements.
- for creating visibility and clarity of what work needs to be done

Cost Management (Including ABC)

The current economic climate will drive management to find ways to reduce costs, increase efficiency and eliminate loss-making products, services and customers. Activity-Based Costing and Management (ABC/M) provides insight into the relationships between cost, effort and output. From this information management can put into place strategies to increase prices with customers, bottom-slice products, services and customers or offer customers the opportunity to move to generic products at reduced costs.

Lean Six Sigma Deployment Reporting Tools

KPI Management Solutions understands the kind of visibility and management reports and dashboards required to keep the LEAN Six Sigma deployment aligned and strategic.  

Balanced Scorecards in 7 Days

KPI Management solutions have developed a tried and tested methodology for implementing a single Balanced Scorecard in just 7 days. We start the process by reviewing your business strategy and translating it into strategic objectives, measures, targets and initiatives.

Supplier Scorecards

KPI Management Solutions has a supplier scorecard that allows business and large corporates management the performance of common suppliers in a single web scorecard. The scorecard consolidates the overall performance of the supplier and provides the figures and commentary that can be used to perform supplier review meetings.

The scorecards can be hosted with us and both the business and the supplier can be given access to the scorecards and use it to collaborate on performance.

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