By: GreenerFuture  06-10-2011
Keywords: climate change, global warming, Carbon Management

GreenConference is  carbon management service specifically designed for the conference and events industry. GreenerFuture will take you conference or event Beyond Carbon Neutral through in depth carbon footrpinting, carbon and energy reduction and carbon offsetts against internationally accredited reduction projects. 

Keywords: Carbon Management, Carbon Offsets, climate change, global warming

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Carbon Neutrality

1. Reduce your emissions by over 35%, save energy and save money 2. Carry the label: Carbon Neutral  


Carbon Footprint

1. Knowing the carbon footprint of your company will help you to identify carbon intensive activities and processes. 2. A carbon footprint will reveal areas of high energy use and therefore opportunities for energy and financial savings. 3.Declaring your carbon footprint informs the public and your clients of your commitment to mitigating the negative effects climate change.

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 Access to the growing, green market segment.  Cost effective, tailor made packages. Reduction in energy and therefore financial savings