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By: Dqs South Africa  11-11-2011

DQS Conducts Assessment / Audits outside the scope of accredited certification in the following areas:

Management System specific assessments
Assurance Audits
Asset Management Audits
Supplier Assessments
Contractor Audits
Custom Client Specific Assessments


Unlike the first party audit, a second party audit is an audit of another organisation’s quality program not under the direct control or within the organisational structure of the auditing organisation. Second party audits are usually performed by the customer upon its suppliers (or potential suppliers) to ascertain whether or not the supplier can meet existing or proposed contractual requirements. Obviously, the supplier’s quality system is a very important part of contractual requirements since it is directly (manufacturing, engineering, purchasing, quality control, etc.) and indirectly (marketing, inside and outside sales, etc.) responsible for the design, production, control and continued supportability of the product. Although second party audits are usually conducted by customers on their suppliers, it is sometimes beneficial for the customer to contract with an independent quality auditor. This action helps to promote an image of fairness and objectivity on the part of the customer.

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