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By: DocSol: Document Management Solutions  08-19-2010
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 DocsVault Small Business Edition is a simple, affordable, and feature rich multiple-user document management software with all the tools for a complete conversion to a paperless office.

Why use DocsVault Small Business Edition?

Centralize - Provide a single source for files and documents for everyone in the office.  Collaborate in an easy way by sharing and communicating the access and modification of any kind of file.

Paperless – With full-featured scanning and advanced searching, eliminate the clutter around the office by digitizing paper files and making them instantly available.

Backup and Retention –The automated backup feature will automatically backup the entire repository incrementally at preset intervals or gives you an option to burn in it all to CD/DVD media. It also helps archive, organize, and retain old files, emails, and documents for legal compliance

Security – Choose who can view and modify the files in DocsVault.  Prevent security breaches and other related problems by controlling access.

Unique – DocsVault Small Business has features you can’t find anywhere else, like its task manager with task assigning and routing, multiple-tab browsing, and right-click access to most features.

Value – Do the research. Absolutely no one makes a more affordable document management system that still has all the features.  Furthermore, DocsVault is easier to install, learn, and use so you don’t need an IT staff to implement it.

Advantages of DocsVault Small Business Edition:

  • Organize and control any workgroup by centralizing files.
  • Find and retrieve files instantly in a digital paperless office
  • Open and unobstructed communication between users regarding files
  • Simplified disaster planning through one-click and automated backups
  • Integrates with popular MS Office programs
  • Unique features you can’t find anywhere else, like task routing
  • Easy to use, learn, and install so its immediately functional
  • Incredible value – feature packed while incredibly affordable


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