Microbiology diagnostics products, South Africa

By: Davies Diagnostics  11-11-2011

Antimicrobial Testing

Culture media
Discs, Vials
Discs, Cartridges
Disc Dispenser, 6 place
Mastrings-s ( Standard and Customised)
Zone reading system
Multipoint reading system
Adatabs for breakpoints
Multi-point inoculator
Control organisms
MRSA Detection
ESBL Detection

MIC Test Strip®


Automated systems
ID media
Strep. grouping kit
Mycoplasma / ureaplasma
Staph. Latex kit
Discs and strips
Camp, ID system
CHROMagar for Candida

Miscellaneous Tests
(Latex, Rapid)

Pneumocystis carinii
Crypto/ Giardia
C. difficile
E.coli 0157

Other products and services from Davies Diagnostics


Haematology and blood transfusion products, South Africa

12 parameters 5 part differential + retics3 part differential + reticsCalibratorsImmunology controls Q.C. Stats programmeProficiency materialESR controls. Single channel pipettes8/12 channel pipettes Fixed volume pipettesAdjustable volume pipettes Electronic pipettes. Automated closed-tubeModified Westergren MethodManual ESR racksESR Controls. Screening testsFactor assaysInhibitorsCalibration plasmasControl plasmas.


Life Science products supplied in Southern Africa

Unique “Ovation” pipettesFixed volume pipetteAdjustable volume pipettes8/12 channel pipettesManual and electronic pipettes. Microbial culture and IDRodac PlatesPesticide detectionAntibiotic testing/ detectionHygiene ControlBlenders and bags. Digital thermometersEnvirosafe thermometersRed spirit thermometersAll temperature ranges. QC organismsStained slidesProtozoa suspensions Microscope video eyepiece.