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By: Advanced Laboratory Solutions  11-11-2011
Keywords: Friction Bearing

Anton Paar New Rheometer Series MCR xx2

The new MCR rheometers are based on a concept at the cutting edge of technology. The EC motor technique, the low friction bearing and the patented..

Anton Paar RheolabQC - Rotational rheometer for quality control

The RheolabQC is specially designed for performing routine rheological tests, from quick single-point checks to complex rheological investigations..

Anton Paar Stabinger SVM3000 Viscometer

The SVM 3000 works according to a new, patented (EP 0 926 481 A2) measuring principle. Just fill the measuring cell with 3 ml of sample and obtain..

Anton Paar SurPASS Electrokinetic Analyzer

The surface charge of a solid material influences the interaction with its surroundings, which makes this property decisive for many applications..

BYK Colour

Ten million! That is the number of different colours that we can distinguish. No wonder we cannot remember colours well enough to identify a..

BYK Viscosity

Viscosity is a measure of the resistance of a fluid to deform under shear stress. It is commonly perceived as thickness, or resistance to pouring..

KRÜSS Handheld Bubble Pressure Measurement

The novel tensiometer PocketDyne is characterized by its high flexibility and mobility in use. One can measure under any conditions and in..

KRÜSS K100 - Universal Tensiometer

The K100MK2 is the universal tensiometers, which has been optimised to be more precise with a high degree of automation and the latest technical..

VMA-Getzmann Bead mills & basket mills

DISPERMAT® SL laboratory and pilot plant mills are closed, horizontal bead mills with high output and extremely low dead volumes in the mill..

VMA-Getzmann Dissolvers

The DISPERMAT® LC30 is an efficient high speed dissolver which is suitable for various applications including dispersion and homogenisation..

Keywords: Friction Bearing

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Anton Paar New Rheometer Series MCR xx2

The EC motor technique, the low friction bearing and the patented normal force sensor have been optimized over years to satisfy the highest demands of rheologists. Any type or combination of rheological tests, both in rotational and oscillatory mode, are possible with the MCR rheometers. TruStrain™ as well as the Piezo Axial Actuator ensure absolute control at any time during rheological tests.


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ScanSpeed a NEW range of centrifuges of distinction from LaboGene A/S, from simple separation to sequencing, discover the ideal.. ScanLaf presents probably the best in Class 1, Class 2 and Laminar flow technology, exhibiting the best in Danish design and.. The EC motor technique, the low friction bearing and the patented.. Anton Paar RheolabQC - Rotational rheometer for quality control.