Lp Gas & Petroleum Products

By: Goodluck Petroleum & Gas  12-16-2010
Keywords: Gas, Petroleum, Gas Distributors

We only sell Sasol Lp Gas.
We are an independant company.
We do not hold our customers to any contracts.
We try for the same day service or it will be the next day.
If there is an emergengy order, we will try our best to deliver.
Public holidays and Sat, Sun are usually a non delivery day.
We always strive to keep our customers happy and to deliver at the most reasonable prices.
There is no expensive gas, but only expensive gas Suppliers/Distributors.
Our Petroleum (Diesel/Parafin), are only supplied in bulk orders (2000Lt +) and the payment upfront into our account. Before orders will be sent. (At least 3-4 days notice).

Keywords: Gas, Gas Distributors, Petroleum