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Astrovoice VOIP Server Example
The Astrovoice Servers in South Africa are connected together via the Internet. Now! Astrovoice are able to connect multiple PABX Systems via the Internet. Providing that the System have the right ports available.


  1. Advanced Digital Telephony Services
    Our System delivers superior communication services at an affordable price without sacrificing voice quality.
  2. Better Communication with Customers
    Your company can use call queues in order to allow customers to find out more about your services in a faster and more efficient way.
  3. Branch Connections without any Recurring Costs
    You can connect your offices’ telephony services using the Internet infrastructure without having to pay for dedicated physical lines. Due to packet switching technology, you can achieve any redundancy level you want without massive investments.
  4. Better Communication between Employees
    Employees can leave voice messages, take part in conferences, and use "Do Not Disturb" features, forward calls
    Depending on the status of their phone, reject calls from certain numbers etc.
  5. Call Screening
    You can protect your company from unwanted calls. Important calls can be automatically forwarded by the system.
  6. Limited Abuse and Increased Service Quality
    Calls can be legally recorded by the company and stored on the server for a later review.
  7. Total Control
    The system owner has full access to telephone call history. The call history record is preserved and can be exported
    Excel and CSV formats.
  8. Use IT Infrastructure without any Additional Investment
    In the company offices you can use the existent IT infrastructure, without having to invest in new cabling.
  9. No Dedicated Personnel Required Running the System
    The system deployment can be performed by the IT staff, as well as maintenance and upgrades.
  10. Wide Choice of Phone Terminals
    You can select the right phones from a wide range of VoIP terminals. They plug directly into the Ethernet port and, you do not have enough ports; you can share the port with the workstation.
  11. Software Phones Available
    On Microsoft Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, Mac, etc. there are many free and commercial software phones. They can be used with a regular headset/microphone without sacrificing voice quality.
  12. Ability to Expand the System immediately in order to Match Company Growth
    The system can scale with the company growth, small increment licenses being available.
  13. Benefit from Features Scalability
    Our system is continuously being improved and new features are implemented.

Voip Solutions
Voip Sub Trunks - Astrovoice supply VOIP Sub Trunks via a VOIP Router, connected to a PBX or off site office. The Routers are available in one port up to eight ports.

Least Cost Routing - LCR is when different lines are used for certain calls through the right service providers. By using this solution on out bound calls your Company can save a large amount of money. When a caller makes a Cell Phone call via the Router the call charge will be the same as a Cell to Cell Call and not a Telkom to Cell Call Charge.

  • Automatic answering services (Analog)
  • Detailed Telephone Management System

Astrovoice VOIP PBX - Astrovoice uses a Server with an Astrix based platform. By connecting our sub trunks to the Server PABX, we offer a Total VOIP Solution.

Panasonic PABX - Astrovoice has qualified Panasonic PABX Technicians and we can Install & Maintain any Panasonic as well as Euro Generus Telephone System that’s on the market today.

Coral PABX - Astrovoice support Coral PABX equipment. Coral PABX’s offers a full range of Digital and IP Systems. A Solution for any type of Business. This 37 Port Digital PBX System is real value for money and packed with all the features you will ever need.

Data & Internet
Astrovoice can offer full ISP Solution to all our customers. Services we offer includes: Internet, E-mail, Web Hosting & VPN.

Internet Access
We supply a whole range of internet access packages : Dial-Up, ISDN, ADSL Local Only, ADSL Shaped, ADSL Un-Shaped, IS ADSL and IS ADSL Local only. Top Up Packages and Pre-Paid ADSL is also available on our SAIX ADSL range.

Web Hosting
At Astrovoice we understand that a fast and reliable web hosting solution is of the utmost importance for any business. Our servers are hosted in a state-of-the-art facility. We use only server grade hardware and our top rated infrastructure ensures the highest level of uptime, availability and speed possible for web hosting. Some of the highlights include: 99.9% Uptime Guaranteed, Full Daily Backups, Anti-Spam/Virus Email Filters and more.

Astrovoice can supply you with both Windows Hosting and Linux Hosting solutions. We also cater for the customer that is just starting out and that needs a budget hosting package with our Windows / Linux Micro Hosting Solutions.

We provide a whole range of Virtual Server and Dedicated Server options.

Security Services

  • Digital Video Recording Systems
  • Automatic Door & Gate Openers/Motors
  • Access Control & Intercom Systems
  • Boom Gates & Spike Barriers
  • Smoke & Alarm Systems
  • Electric Fencing

Keywords: VoIP, Web Hosting