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By: Yatsar Centre  06-19-2012
Keywords: recycling, Rehabilitation, Food Distribution

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Accommodation for homeless
Accommodation on the premises is subject to following set rules and adhering to standards as established by residents of the Institute.  
Food Distribution
Yatsar Centre is acting as an effective distribution agent to serve other missions to the effect of providing food and necessities on an ongoing basis.  
Yatsar's rehabilitation program concentrates on reforming the whole person, physically, spiritually, mentally and socially, by gradually re-introducing persons recovering or healing from alcoholism or other addictions, to society thus easing the transition of moving into a world without your drug of choice as "a crutch". There is no fixed program. The rate of recovery is determined by the individual.  
In 2008 Yatsar launched it's Recycling Project, giving unskilled people in need the opportunity to generate an income. We specialize in recycling metals. We urge the public to let us know, should they have any unused electrical appliances that they can donate to us.  
Anthracite & Feul.
Yatsar has been a supplier of anthracite to service stations for a number of years. From 2009 we'll not be working through a middle man, and supply directly to you.   Contact us for more details and a price list : Tel. 012 335 5235 Fax. 086 721 0124 Email. [email protected] Website:

Keywords: Accommodation for homeless, Food Distribution, recycling, Rehabilitation,